10 Tips on How to Wear Men’s Underwear


Some men are embarrassed to ask some certain questions and always end up making tons of mistakes/ in this topic the mistakes are called wardrobe malfunctions and this can lead to a lot of embarrassment especially if you are not alone. Since you are here, you well are on the right road to wearing the underwear with Style, since you will be getting tips on when and how to wear men’s underwear.

This post is written to fully address this issue without leaving any details behind, this post covers areas from, types of boxers/ underwear and how to wear them, how to identify when you are not wearing the underwear properly, 10 tips on how to wear men’s underwear and several tips and guides in between.


1. Wear the Boxer Short When you are concerned about your Health

Did you know the boxers short are the best kind of underwear to be worn if you want to have baby?.

A study suggested that 35 to 40 percent of infertility problems, which is the inability to get pregnant, are caused by male gender. And Some cause attributed to this are:

  • Low Sperm Count
  • Slow Sperm Motility
  • Abnormal morphology
  • and problem with semen

As all this are pretty obvious a simple lifestyle change can better the odds for a successful fertility and good sperm health.


Since the boxers short have been known to allow for unhindered friction and free from tightness of the body, it reduces the temperature around the and allows sperm production to follow its natural process compared to other types of men’s underwear.

Even better yet, another study also shows that wearing boxers during the day, and then wearing nothing at night lower levels of damaged DNA in sperm.

So if you will be considering the type of boxer to wear for increased fertility and overall sperm health go for the boxer shorts. Briefs are tighter, so it’s possible that they can raise your body temperature, cause heat for sperm to survive. So if a guy wants to be really fertile, boxers short are the way to go. Truth is, this has yet to be scientifically proven but it is something most guys can relate to

2. Wear the Boxers Brief to hold it all in place

When you want to hold everything in place and worry less about:

  • bunching of fabric
  • Having pant shift
  • Or having your boner visible on your pant
Boxer brief para hombre. Flamingo Boxers

You need to consider wearing a pant that has the ability to hold it all in place, which is why you would want to wear the boxers brief or the brief depending on the amount of security you want to have.

Boxer briefs provide more room for the male genitals than briefs, although they give less concealment from penile protrusion during an erection. In response, some boxers short manufacturers have attempted to modify its internal design to give the crotch bulge better obscurity. 


3. What to wear on a Tight or Loose Pant

Here is how you wear the boxer on a tight, perfect fit or loose pant:

Underneath a Tight Pant: you would want to wear the brief or boxer brief if you want more concealment for penile prostution,


Why-you should-know-what-to-wear-under-a-tight-pant

here you would want to avoid the brief which may show the outline of the underwear. As you would the Boxer short which may fold fabric and make you look untidy.

You should wear the brief if you would not be out all day, a tight pant complemented with a tight underwear, worn all day, does not sound like a healthy choice.

For a Perfect fit pant, Underwear to wear here really, is your choice really between the boxer brief and the brief

Underneath a Loose pant: Here is where you can wear a boxer short and get away with it, either on your short or baggy pant.


4. Wearing Boxers for Charisma

You may be of the thoughts that since briefs are tighter women prefer men on brief, This makes you think at least they will show a person what you’ve got and what you are made of.

Well, don’t think everyone agrees with that, especially if you are not about to have sex.

Think about it, what if you have a slit on your pant or how good will it really look if you take off your nice suit only to reveal some tight-whities underneath? Not awesome huh?. TO boost your charisma, Boxer briefs and boxers are most recommended. Especially if you want to flaunt your compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.

5. You need to choose the right Fabric

Underwear are made from varieties of materials, all since materials have its plus and minus it is best to know what material to go for in a particular season and time.

Check out information on each of the material used to make the underwear and how to select them:

It is breathable, airy and cozy especially in humid conditions. The material is soft, absorbent and inexpensive and is considered the king of all fabrics due to its versatility in use. Avoid wearing a cotton underwear though when you are exercising. Since the material is absorbent, it will absorb your sweat, making you uncomfortable. After your workout, the next best thing to do is change the underwear.

Microfiber construction makes nylon a great material that is soft and keeps the wearer dry. It is a great option for underwear worn to the gym, for all-around use. Mostly found in most thong or jockstrap.

Modal is the best choice if nylon doesn’t fit your absorption needs. It is less supportive though, compared to the nylon material, but soft and smooth option for men’s underwear.

Rayon has a very soft feel a and is well-known for keeping the skin cool especially for hot and humid weather. Though this material is made of cellulose or wood pulp and has a tendency to stretch.

The soft and smooth silk is very absorbent, but is not a conductor of heat. However, it is a preferred option for keeping you warm in the winter and for other warmer month. The silk is known for its luxurious look and feel, so you may not find men wear them to the gym as most men reserve them for a special night out a date or that special occasion.

The benefit of spandex is its significant strength and elasticity and its ability to return to the original shape after stretching, (used for most boxer brief and briefs underwear) and faster drying than ordinary fabrics.

Most boxers short are made with linen, due to its low heat conductivity that makes it cooler for hot and humid weather.

The material can be strong, wrinkle and tear-resistant, and reduce shrinking. Any underwear comes to your mind?, you sure will not find this in Boxers short, but you would in most briefs and boxers brief.

6. Do this to avoid Rashes around the Groin or Jock Itch

Jock itch due to wearing wet underwear

 Wait, what is Jock itch?

Well, is a fungal infection of the skin. Though are typically harmless, but can multiply quickly and cause infections when they’re allowed to thrive in warm, moist areas on the body. That’s why jock itch usually develops in the skin around the groin, inner thighs, and buttocks.

What are the causes of this?

  • When you remain in sweat-soaked cloths after exercising
  • When you wear the same underwear repeatedly for days without wash
  • When you don’t dry up well
  • when there is heat around the groin, inner thighs, and buttocks, which in turn leads to sweating.

How do you solve this?

  • Change your underwear everyday
  • Wear the right material for your underwear in the hot season (Cotton, linen or wool)
  • Wear loose cotton clothing. Read more

7. How to Partially and Totally Obscure Erection

To partially Obscure erection you may choose to wear either the Thong, Jockstrap, Brief or the Boxers brief. But to totally obscure erection there is a particular type of underwear designed to obscure the erection are usually referred to as bloxers, though there are really not as popular as the others mention for partially obscuring erection.

The bloxers provide extra layer of support,

Here’s the plan, While regular underwear have just one layer of fabric separating your manhood from the world, Bloxers has two. An inner layer close to your body which acts like a compressor holding the boner down and an outer layer that hangs out like every other boxers. The inner layer does all the work to totally obscure erection.


bloxer's promise
Though, as sweet as all that may sound, it is an idea that have been unheard-of since July 2015, so if you require to obscure erection you have the choice of the Thong, Jockstrap or the brief depending on your choice.

8. Choosing the Best Colors


Boxer 002

There really is nothing like the best color when it comes to wearing an underwear.

The boxers shorts are usually made with varieties of color, some plain, some stripped and some checked depending on the manufacturers choice, one thing to note here is the tape on the waist, for professional wears it is recommended to go for a plain color rather than a multi color which would be fine for every other settings apart from a formal setting.

But I would recommend Brown, Black, Grey and dark Blue for every other kind of underwear (say the boxers brief, briefs, thong, among others) apart from the boxer shorts, as these colors looks cool and professional.

9. Emphasis on Support

Did you know that the boxer you wear for a day, affects your mood and esteem throughout that day one way or another?, let me explain why.

boxer short have not support compared to the brief

If you are wearing a pant that has, all your boner shape visible in the office, or you are at the gym minding your business, only to squat and reveal those “Mr happy” you see this situation among others can be quite embarrassing.

What you should do is identify when you would need the support feature on your underwear, then actually wear the underwear that has that feature. Doing that would not just lead to a raise in esteem but would also polish your look and increase your style.

10. Show your personality with your Boxers


Man sagging woven boxer shorts

Some boxers are customizable and you can have all text or design you want printed on it, but other than that, you probably have seen some men sagging, of course they attempt to flaunt the design which in turn reflect their kind of personality.


In as much as you will not be able to customize your jockstrap, thong or brief and flaunt them for anyone to see, you could with your boxers. As Studies have shown that women, in particular, prefer boxers. There’s something to be said for a little mystery, and briefs can seem too obvious and revealing.



With research conducted, survey carried out and personal experience with the topic, there you have it, my “10 Tips on How to wear Men’s Underwear” with several tips and guides chipped in between. I believe that if the right choice are made at any situation we can conquer the world and rise shine while we flaunt our style to the world.

Please do not hesitate to share your questions, observations or your experience with the topic in the comment section, I will reply as I get them

what is your Favorite type of underwear and why?



Short Video Guide on how to wear men’s underwear
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Hi Abdulramon,

This article is very helpful considering the damage being down to ones sperm count caused by not wearing boxers appropriately. I have heard various complaints and effect of this in the recent years

Your tips are very captivating. I think you are doing a great job generally of being visible on the blogging space, I have gone through some of your works which are amazing and helpful


I didn’t know there was bloxer that could help conceal a boner. It’s pretty stupid when Mr Happy decides to start protruding for no reason, makes me feel like a psycho especially at the office. I really would like to get one of these bloxers to see how well it can conceal a boner. Do bloxers come in different sizes or is it one for all?


Thank you for this great post, highly informative and easy to comprehend. Thanks for taking your time to come up with this ten great tips on how to wear men underwear. Am just getting to know through this post that 35-40% of infertility issue can be traced to men. Though I don’t usually have a hard time wearing my underwear but I will share this post with my office partners.


This is really en eye-opener. I did not know that there was so many different varieties or functions for mens underwear. I really enjoyed reading about the benefits of the different fabrics. Every time I purchase underwear either for myself or my partner, I always buy cotton as it is like you say, very breathable which is super important. I did not realize that it would make things a bit uncomfortable when exercising tho, I do now. Perhaps I will try to find some nylon and try the next time I workout. Thanks for a great article.


It  is not good for men to wear boxers that are too tight for them. It’s good for men to wear shorts that can allow the penetration of air into their body. When there is no air to get to the scrotal sac it can cause overheat that could damage the sperm cells and that could result to infertility in a man.

Kehinde Segun
Kehinde Segun

You nailed it. This post is really educating. I read it word for words. I have always thought there is repercussion of wearing some boxers that gives no space for mobility underneath. Normally, I wear free boxer during the day and wear absolutely nothing going to bed. In times of fabrics, I’ve always prefer cotton because of the freshness it brings for. I don’t wear a boxer twice.


Hi Abdulramon Elegushi,

I have read the whole article about ten tips on how to wear men’s underwear and I understood the main concept of this article. I would not even consider all of those guideline of wearing underwear if I did not read your article. I have same opinion now that wearing boxer is a perfect choice for any man. However I have a little bit concern about it’s lasting period and it’s elasticity. I love those boxer short pants which is more favorite to me.

enrique vanegas
enrique vanegas

Thank you for sharing ¨10 Tips On How To Wear Men´s Underwear¨. A friend of mine made me two comments that I´d like to pass on to you.. The first one is to have a collection of men´s underwear. He said men should have at least 10 pairs of underwear on hand at all times. That´s one for every day of the week plus two additional for weekends nights and another thrown in for good measure of some sort of, um, emergency. The second comment is to find a brand. He claims variety is the spice of life, except, perhaps,… Read more »


This is an eye opener for me; I love this insightful article. I am knowing for the first time that boxers can cause low sperm count and sperm motility.

Another important info i learnt from your article is that our boxers must be neat always; some guys go to the extent of wearing the same boxers for roughly 3-4 days which is  unethical if you ask me.

Thanks for sharing


Dear Abdulramon, Thanks a lot for the very thorough and comprehensive post. I can tell you I have taken some great insights from this post which I was not aware of before reading your post. To be very honest with you, I’m in a kind of information overload with the in-depth research you have come up with here. However, I have to congratulate you on this “Helpful Article”. You have not only discussed few problems but you have provided solutions for it which is amazing and helpful. 10 Tips on How to wear Men’s Underwear is a must read for everyone and thanks… Read more »


Thank you for this informational guide.

Usually i wear it short, due to health concerns i learnt about a while back, very many you’ve also reiterated here.

Aside wearing it short, i usually go for cotton fabric because i feels cool and also inexpensive.

I’m hearing about Jock Itch for the first time, probably because of my good hygiene practices.

This has been truly helpful and interesting, hope to come around some other time.


Confession: I’m a female but yours is one of my favorite websites. As a wife and mother, I find some of your topics very insight and especially helpful when I need to purchase a gift for a man.

I enjoy your writing style and appreciate that you can present potentially embarrassing information in a tactful manner.

Some of the information on this article will help me as well as the men I shop for. I especially appreciate the fabric descriptions.


Haha I really do enjoy reading your post. Did not know that there is a science behind this. I thought only us women has to suffer with many types of underwear lol My husband is a big fan of boxer and he said the same thing that you mentioned, your sperm count is higher if you wear them. And yes, I do prefer boxers, I even wear them when I go to sleep 🙂 Will share your post to my husband.


Seun Afotanju
Seun Afotanju

Thanks for this interesting article, The correct way to wear any underwear has some basics that if followed properly; it would be the correct way to wear it. The first thing to be noticed the right size then comes the fit and style. Buying the right fabric also counts but the most important features are the first three. Likewise we should  make sure we are comfortable with what we wear.


Hi abdulaman elgusi,Thank you for this amazing post, easy to be exceptional informative and aware. I have read the entire article about ten tips on how to wear men’s underwear. This article is very helpful considering being homeless due to hackers not wearing them properly. I always buy cotton underwear. I think cotton underwear will be a great option for all men. Cotton underwear absorbs sweat faster than the body. I’ve shared this effective article with all my friends.



Thanks for sharing this amazing article . Underwear is one of the most private and personal decisions in menswear because only very few people will see it , yet it is worn everyday , all day , right nest to the skin . Boxer briefs are hardly a compromise as they represent are the best of both types of underwear . I think , they are excellent for physical activity and look especially good . 

Taylor Bishop

Thanks for this advice for wearing men’s underwear. You mentioned that nylon underwear can be good to wear when going to the gym or even just all-around use. it sounds important to think about what you’re doing every day to figure out what material you need.


Haha.. what a great post.  I have always been a brief (jock) man myself as I find boxer shorts too uncomfortable under jeans and board shorts (which is pretty much all I wear).  And also, without going into too much detail I also find the old groin itch a lot worse if I don’t wear briefs – cotton of course. I do however swear by boxer shorts for bed as they are roomier and cooler.  Jocks to bed are too tight, and to be honest, tend to slide down which is never a good thing. I really enjoyed your post… Read more »

Mecyll Gaspary
Mecyll Gaspary

I never knew wearing undergarments for men is this crucial. I’m a married woman, so I kept asking my husband about this aspect. Most of them are also answered in your post. So, reading your content is very informative for me, especially with choosing the right undergarment for him. Thank you so much for that. 🙂 

Dave Sweney
Dave Sweney

This is the very first time I have run across an article on this topic, but I have to say, it is a timely and useful subject. Men tend not to think that much about wearing underwear, and most certainly these 10 tips on how to wear men’s underwear will help a lot of men out. You put a lot of thought into these tips, and when added together, men who read and heed will be far better off for meeting the needs of the underwear and areas they protect. Whether it is the style of underwear, the material, or… Read more »

Riaz Shah
Riaz Shah

Interesting Abdulramon,

I’ve been wearing briefs day and night but after finding out about the part of the boxers, I think I need to change how I wear my underwear. Would it still be healthy for me if I still wear briefs but only during the day? Since I have to move around a lot while working, I think I still need to wear it though but at night I can definitely switch to boxers.