15 Cheap Exercise Clothes For Men – From Top to Bottom


What is your idea of exercising?, Is it a quality session at the gym?, jogging, hiking or something else entirely, what is most common between all these are the fact that you can’t possibly exercise/ workout naked, unless you have the entire gym booked or the entire field you plan to jog booked.

When exercise clothes are unaffordable or very expensive, some people because of this opt to using regular everyday outfit for exercising. In this post I will be revealing several options of cheap exercising cloths you could select from to satisfy your exercising urge, which would range from the top, pant, accessories and of course shoes.

Hope you select the best that catches your eyes here in this post, but before we move on lets try to get familiar with what a cheap exercising outfit is all about for effective decision-making and proper selection process.

What is a Cheap Exercising Outfit?

The best exercising outfit is not all about the price attached to it and everybody should be able to get something they really need and want without having to spend beyond their pocket, and a common mistake people make is to consider buying cheap as being broke. Yes if you can afford it “No Problem” but if you cannot Better to Stick With What your pocket can Afford to remember!!

Buying Cheap Does Not Mean You are Cheap!!

Some Key Things you should know about buying cheap clothes:

Buy based on quality and not price attached to it

Some Expensive Items can be overpriced, why this happens is it depends on the Location and city

Buying in an urban city would hike the price of the item

Look forward to discount sales the price of some very expensive items / piece of clothing are usually reduced when they is a discount and can range from 1% – 75% off.

What are some of exercising clothes you can get at a really affordable price?

Cheap Exercising Outfit from Top to the Bottom

Hotsung Headband for Women & Men fashionable head wrap and visor that protects your face and eyes from sun and UV rays while exercising outdoor.

Can be worn as a headband, neck warmer and wristbands.

Price: $10.99

Click on Image to Buy on Amazon

E Tronic Edge Head Sweatband, this particular sweatband is lightweight and made with breathable fabric, traps and stores sweat allowing the face to stay dry.

Made with stretchy material that stretches to fit any head shape or size.

Price: $10.97

Click on Image to Buy on Amazon

LYUS combination of fashion and technology, The headwear is a Wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Detachable Stereo Speakers Microphone for outdoor and indoor exercise, allowing you stream you favorite music while you work out.

Price: $15.99

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Bandanna Do Wrap also known as cyclist cap, dew rag and skull cap. Absorbs sweat, moisture and helps protect heads and back of neck from sun.

Price: $10.99

Click on Image to Buy on Amazon

LIFINAIS Men’s Athletic T-Shirt Workout Sports Tech Short Sleeve, loose shirt with fuller cut for comfort, made with 95% polyester which is a very durable material with stretching, shrinking and wrinkle resistant for training, workout, jogging, running, fitness, gym, sports, basketball

Price: $19.00 – $55.90
Click on Image to Buy on Amazon

TSLA Men’s Thermal Wintergear Compression Baselayer Mock Long Sleeve Shirt, 87% polyester, perfect for indoor and outdoor sports and exercise

Price: $7.98 – $13.98
Click on Image to Buy on Amazon

Junlan Men Weight Loss Shirt Workout Neoprene Top Training Body Shaper Exercise Clothes, This gym waist trainer focus on supporting the major muscle groups to help enhance muscle mobility without restrict movement, recommended for gym and outdoor exercise

Price: $22.99 – $25.99
Click on Image to Buy on Amazon

Junlan Men Weight Loss Shirts Waist Trainer Shaper Slim Tank Top, yet another Junlan exercise shirt, this shirt helps to promote weight loss by preserving body heat and stimulating sweat during exercise.

Price: $19.99

Click on image to buy on Amazon

MECH-ENG Men’s 3/4 JoggersPants, fashionable pant for work out at the gym and outdoor exercising, and elastic drawstring waist and banded ankle cuffs for comfort.

Price: $9.98 – $21.98

Click on Image to Buy on Amazon

YoungLA Joggers Pants for Men, slim fit casual the lounging pant fits all exercise situations for indoor and outdoor exercise.

Price: $25.99

Click on Image to Buy on Amazon

 TSLA Men’s Emboss Thermal Baselayer Sports Leggings, Perfect option during various indoor activities and outdoor excursion and especially good for outdoor sport during the winter or cold period.

Price: $9.98 – $16.98

Click on Image to Buy on Amazon

Nike Mens Dry Team Training Pant, perfect pant if you don’t want leggings or a tight pant, but want breathable air and fewer compression.

Price: $25.00 – $80.82

Click on Image to Buy on Amazon

Troadlop Mens Sneakers Slip on Gym Workout Shoes
, nicknamed “Lazy Mode” the shoe is an easy slip on made with Anti-collision toe, Breathable upper and abrasion resistance

Price: $23.99 – $33.99

Click on Image to Buy on Amazon

QANSI Men’s Sneakers, this is a Walking gym Shoes, for outdoor exercise, light and made with breathable air space for comfortable wear.

Price: $22.99 – $34.99

Click on image to buy on Amazon

L-RUN Mens Slip-on Loafers, extreme lightweight and made for wear for exercise at the beach, jogging or exercising at the gym

Price: $9.99 – $17.99

Click on image to buy on Amazon


There you have it 15 cheap exercise clothes for men, selected from top to bottom, what you notice here is all items are either $25 dollar or below.

Let me know in the comment session, your comment session your questions, observation and personal experience with the topic. Just before I leave here is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson

Few people know how to take a walk. The qualifications are endurance, plain clothes, old shoes, an eye for nature, good humor, vast curiosity, good speech, good silence and nothing too much.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

12 thoughts on “15 Cheap Exercise Clothes For Men – From Top to Bottom

  1. People always feel buying cheap means one is broke and that is not the case. One can buy cheap because they find something they just liked or don’t just feel like spending much.
    Anyway, when exercising I normally make use of some of the clothes I have in my wardrobe but this means I would have to abandon wearing them outside exercising and this is something I just don’t like which is why I have decided to purchase on outfit strictly for exercising.
    Some great options have been listed here and I had no idea that they were this good. Like for example the Beanie Hat which has a wireless Bluetooth. These are amazing options and I am going to get myself some outfits from these selections.

    1. Glad you like the post. I will advice you get a separate outfit for exercising, some studies have shown that having a separate outfit for working out adds to the motivation to even do so, because you would be looking forward to putting it on like a uniform.

      Please like and follow for more updates and latest posts.


  2. Good post I bought some baselayers for the previous winter and they were brilliant, kept me really warm and toasty.
    Definitely, recommend them!

  3. Detailed information about these commodities, everyone looks pretty good! Thank you for such a great introduction! I like TSLA Men’s Thermal Wintergear Compression Baselayer Mock Long Sleeve Shirt the most!

  4. Hey,

    Great post and thanks for sharing.

    Buying cheap does not always mean you are broke, I have bought cheap clothes whether for the gym or not that are better than the more expensive clothing. So you are right.

    The clothes you have advertised in your post do look like really nice and comfortable clothes, especially when training. Good finds and thanks again for sharing.

    All the best,


  5. I am so glad I found your site as I am looking to buy some training clothing for my grandson who has recently joined the gym and he needs new clothes – He is 6.8 so I just hope they accommodate his length and build

    Finding clothes that look good on him is a challenge due to his size so thank you for sharing this post and I will go check out sizing before I send him your link to go shopping

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