5 Reasons Why Good Looking Guys get Rejected


Where are the good-looking guys, you are probably called a god looking guy not because you say so to yourself in the mirror but literally everyone in the society agrees with you and you probably have similar agreement on social media. But did you know that often times good-looking guys get rejected for some reasons they themselves don’t take into consideration, maybe overlook or just unaware of?

This post will attempt to reveal 5 reasons why good-looking men get rejected, What is a good-looking man?, does looking good automatically mean general acceptance in the society, those and others will be discussed in the next paragraphs and headings to come.

Brief Introduction to the concept here

A good-looking guy is one who is physically attractive and can be called nice-looking, handsome, lovely, stunning, striking, arresting, charming, prepossessing, winning, fetching, captivating, irresistible, beguiling, engaging, gorgeous, charismatic, enchanting, appealing, delightful, bewitching and more found here. But why would such a person be rejected?

What is rejection?

Rejection here is the dismissal or refusal of someone, We know that rejection really hurts, but they can also inflict damage to our psychological well-being and guess what, there is a good side to rejection as well. Thing about rejection is it bring in lots of things to learn from and exposures.

So, here are 5 reasons why good-looking guys get rejected:

Attractive and not well Dressed

attractive but not well dressed

Looking good and not properly dressed can be an issue for a good-looking person, being a fashion blogger i have come to realize that some guys who though they look good get rejected by ladies, prospective employers during interview and even the community (for some guys) and here are the reasons why:

and these highlighted reasons put people off and it’s easy to be rejected by a cute lady when you are sloppy dressed, have your winky hanging around visible on your pant, when you are dressed dirty, wrong dress combination to an interview, and several other reasons highlighted above.

Being super attractive does not mean you look good in everything you wear and how you wear them, in fact it should give you more reasons to be properly dressed, polished, clean and neat.

Here are some effects of dressing properly as a good-looking man/guy/boy:

5 reasons god looking guys are rejected

  1. You become happier.
  2. You have higher self-esteem.
  3. High tendency to get the cool girls the cool girls
  4. You get all the attention in the room
  5. you make others uncomfortable, in the right way
  6. You become a positive influence as others will want to be like you., you become a role model
  7. You feel more organized
  8. People show you more respect
  9. People want to strike up a conversation with you
  10. Seniors at work take you more seriously and juniors see you as an authority. and MORE!!.

Other thing is:


attitude being a reason why a good looking guy would be rejected

Did you know our attitude can lead to any of the following:

1. Can either make or break you

2. Hurt or heal you

3. Make you happy or miserable

4. Make friends or enemies

5. Ultimately lead to your success or failure

So how does your attitude make you rejected as a good-looking guy/man here. On the dark side, some good-looking guys tend to move about their daily activities like they know everything and can make no mistakes, more like they are immune to corrections which in reality the case is they are not and they make mistakes too like every other person, so when a guy tend to act arrogant and eventually makes a mistake/flop then such guy will be rejected as most people will not want to be around an arrogant and pompous guy, but would rather prefer a good-looking guy filled with good attitude and empathy.

Too good to be true

when looking too good can make a good looking guy rejected

When a person looks and feel too good to be true with their good looks complimented with perfect dress and awesome sense of style, you can be rejected for the following reasons:

  1. when you won’t be accepted into a position because the upper hand sees you as a competition,
  2. when you won’t be able to join a group because they fear when you join you would take all the attention
  3. and also when people just give you a definition because they feel is common with some good-looking guys, things like (he’s probably a Casanova, a gay, has pride and more).

What this then means is that since you won’t even be given the shot to state your own stand, opinions about you have already been made up and you would be rejected without even knowing why in such situations.

What next?

Self Defeat/ Low Esteem

self defeat being a reason why a good looking guy will be rejected

You scored your self zero so what are you expecting from others, “a minus?”

Self defeat or low esteem can make a good-looking guy rejected in a number of reasons, they don’t trust themselves, nor believe themselves and society sees them as just good for nothing, whereas there is a huge potential not tapped into.

Let me share some case study here: CASE 1

Friend: Hey you look good

Good looking guy: Really, me?, you must be kidding

Friend: yeah I’m serious you have a good body structure.

Guy: No I don’t, please stop kidding.

Friend: Forget it then.

CASE 2, With a Senior, Employer or during an interview

Senior: I see value in you, you look good and I’m sure thee would be some high brain power there

Guy: I am not too good at anything, my only asset is my look

Senior: Okay then, we will get back to you, BTW who would you recommend fit for this Job?

Guy: Any other person.

These are just scenarios and it can be endless depending on how it is acted and/or happens for real.

Way out:

  • When you are complimented that you look good accept, rather then deny it.
  • Stop blaming your self, take blame if you are wrong and find solution to it not to drown in your adversaries
  • Overcome your esteem issue.
  • Believe and trust your self, don’t expect anyone to, if you don’t yourself.
  • Stand for what you believe in.

Failure to Meet Others Expectation

failure to meet expectation being a reason why a good looking guy would be rejected

Most times people raise their expectations which is that a strong belief that someone will do something, make something happen or be the case, and this affects everyone but what about the good-looking guy.

In some society it is believed that if you are tall you should be a basketball player or a model, if you are toned you should always visit the gym, if you are good-looking you have to be in a modeling agency, as a child you have to be a doctor, engineer or pilot, which in most case that is not what it all turns out to be.

So what happens next, you did not live up to expectation and then you know the outcome already, yeah, REJECTION because you refuse to live up to their expectation.

What do you do as a Good Looking Guy to Avoid Rejection?

With all the points listed above, how do you avoid the jinx of being rejected. Some have been mentioned but here is a summary of all:

  • Live up to expectations, while you follow your heart and brain doing what is needful and righteous.
  • Look neat, smart and polished to compliment your good looks
  • have a high level of self-esteem
  • Be true to your self, speak for your self when you should
  • Accept compliments and take advantage of opportunities
  • Spend wisely on good outfit that will not embarrass you while you attempt to look the best
  • have a good attitude and to compliment your room, don’t be the male bitch.


I hope you found value in this post, please ask your questions, and share your opinions on this topic.

Why do you think good-looking guys get rejected? What do you do to avoid rejection?


10 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Good Looking Guys get Rejected

  1. Hey there – I enjoyed your post.  I would have to say that, for both genders, that attitude and self esteem are the biggest buzzkills when it comes to attraction/or lack of it.  Having worked in large offices for a long period of time, I can guarantee you that unfortunately, good looking people will always get noticed first.  However if they have a poor attitude (usually knowing that they are good looking) or continuously put themselves down (usually knowing that they are good looking) then they quickly get overlooked.

    On the other hand, people with an open, friendly attitude and a confident manner (without being pompous) will always rise to the top.   Would you agree?


    1. So much agreed with you Paul, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Please share with your friends and hear what their reactions are.


  2. I’m definitely a huge fan of the self-esteem side. I’ve always believed people can feel each others’ energies and if one’s self esteem is low, they will feel it. Ditto for high self esteem. I’ve seen a lot of guys who are good looking get rejected for such a reason, as well as setting their expectations far too high for themselves. On the flip side, I’ve seen not so good looking guys get some real good looking girls simply because of their mentality.

  3. I like how you mentioned dressing and attitude. Although styling is something that should be individual, the general rule is that everyone has the right to choose their own style. Problem is when that style becomes untasty.
    I see a lot of younger population with attitude “I am God-given gift”, which not only reject me from them but also pisses me off. Hopefully, some of them will see this guidance.

  4. Interesting read. It’s a big topic and really hard to say exactly what make a guy being reject-able. I mean, each of the point you make can be expand into a full book.

    I honestly don’t think the way you dress is the most important factor but like you said, it certainly doesn’t hurt. As a man, it can be difficult to find good guide as how to dress better. What would you recommend? Is there a book or a post on your site that can help?

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Interesting article. Plenty to think about. The self esteem part applies not only to good looking guys. Very helpful and grounded advises in the end of article. 5*

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