Best Christmas Gifts for men 2018- A guide to what guys secretly want


best Christmas gifts for men

It is almost Christmas and the thoughts of gifts for Christmas have started rolling in, well it’s always best to get a gift the receiver will appreciate rather than secretly dread, getting a gift for Christmas from someone dear would leave a loving memory till the new year, so why not get that perfect gift for him.

What are the Best Christmas gift for men in 2018?, Before I attempt to answer that question I will first like to give a guide to the top things to put into consideration before checking out several recommendations, you need to know what your budget is, what the person you are giving the gifts to like, want or possibly need, what items they dislike especially as gifts, the person’s allergy/phobia, style and also what the two of you have in common.

There are several shopping sites online, blogs and stores offline that gives several tips on what to buy as a gift men for Christmas, but there are some things you need to put into consideration, things you need to know before you start picking.

See below the top pointers before you go ahead to select from several recommendations

The Best way to know what gift to buy

Well this is among the several questions asked, and when you plan to surprise a person with a gift one of the tip I have is to go undercover and find out secretly what this person want, don’t mean you should join the CIA or hire an agent just ask simple question or tell a friend to investigate if you fear they will find out or you are not so good with the sneaky questions which is completely fine.

Some questions or things to keep in mind when you ask the person you plan to gift something may include:

  • What is your budget?

You may want to get down with details of the amount you plan to set aside for the gift, you need a budget so you don’t buy more than your power, and when you have a budget and a list it is usually very easy to know what gift to buy as a gift, for instance: you can either buy an IPhone 8 plus or get the case as a gift depending on your budget.

Also, you can ask the person, what they would expect as a cheap gift and as an expensive gift. Then you can integrate it with your budget and plan your gift.

  • What do they like, want or possibly need?

Most of the time you can figure out what a person wants by knowing what they like, what they want and also what they need.

If a person loves football then you could get them, soccer, football boot, adjustable band leg protection and several other gifts based on the person’s love for football, I believe a lover of football will not turn the gift down and would remember the gift. The point here though is if you plan to give out a gift based on what the person likes then it is really a good choice

Giving a gift based on what the person want or possibly need among the best option for giving out gifts to understand what a person want, though for some people this is a very easy task but for some it is really hard to determine what another person wants.

The way out?, here you can ask a friend to help investigate to find out what the other person wants( make sure it’s a person that can keep secrets well) so the surprise won’t be ruined. Or you can simply identify yourself by observing.

  • What item do they dislike the most especially as a gift?

When you identify what a person does not like, then you save yourself the cost of getting an unwanted or under appreciated gift item.

  • Does the person have any phobia/allergy or health related issue?

While preparing your gift you also need to put into consideration if the person you are giving the gift to have a phobia/ trauma or allergy. Some allergy can be life threatening while some are not, Allergies can be seasonal, such as a pollen allergy that gets worse in spring and summer, or perennial, such as an allergy to cats or peanuts that persists year-round.

Personally I think it’s better to be safe than sorry to avoid stories that touch.

  • What is the person’s style?

You can get to know the gift to buy for a man using the person’s Style, based on a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which they do the person’s things and life the person’s life. So you know this person’s style, preference, likes, hobbies and interest you can easily

  • What do the two of you have in common?

Perishable or Non perishable

(especially of food) likely to decay or go bad quickly, If, you want the gift to last long in the person’s mind and not just for a limited time then go for the perishable stuff, what I found out most people want though are the non-perishable gifts that will last for sometimes and the memory sticks with them when they either remembers those gifts or use them.

Perishable gifts should be given out when the gift is not expected to last forever visibly but the thought can last for a long time depending on the person’s personality,

Some Best Suggestions To Try

Getting Christmas gifts is not much harder than getting any other gift before Christmas, the secret though is that These suggestions are for you if you have read the highlights given above and you still are yet to come up with a unique gift idea, the recommendations given below

  • Christmas Trees
  • Christmas decorations
  • Gift Cards
  • Belts,
  • Wallet,
  • Pocket Knife,
  • wrist watch,
  • Cologne,
  • Drone,
  • Virtual reality gear,
  • Bluetooth headphone,
  • Bluetooth speaker,
  • Shower robe,
  • Towel,
  • Bag,
  • shoes,
  • Swiss army knife,
  • Phone case.
  • Cologne
  • Roll-up
  • Socks
  • Ties
  • Branded Mug

Giving gifts: Good or Bad?

Gift giving produces an array or emotions and reactions, but something bigger is actually happening. Science is happening. Your brain, mind, body and spirit are reacting to gift giving in ways you don’t even realize.
Think for a second about all the emotions that go into giving a gift to someone you love. You brainstorm potential gifts and shop for the perfect thing that proves how well you know the recipient. You wrap the gift, artfully and lovingly, making sure it looks as nice as possible to really drive home the fact that you care. You’re feeling pretty proud of yourself, and very excited – you can’t wait to see your loved one’s face when they open this gift!

Once you give the gift, you’ll probably feel thrilled. You’ll smile and laugh. If your friend’s a good person, he or she will most certainly thank you and plan to give you his or her own back. You’re both flying high from the simple act of gift giving. You’ve got the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made someone’s day, and your friend has the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that someone cares about them deeply. It’s truly a win/win situation.

Very Important to Note

While several people attach material ideas for a Christmas gift it is very important to note that:

  1. First: not everyone can afford to buy gifts.
  2. Second: there are people who would prefer a non materialistic gift to the former
  3. Third: Focusing on money, possessions, image and status distracts us from the experiences that enhance our well-being.

Taking into consideration the pointers above, Some best ways you could opt to instead of a materialistic gift are:

  • Giving out household items, cloths and some food stuff to charity and doing it with family friends and relatives.
  • Flower Plants
  • A surprise trip could be road trip, beach trip or an adventure to a place neither of you have been to before
  • A pet
  • A consumable item
  • Picnic
  • Laughter
  • Anything homemade
  • A balloon flight
  • Full day at a game room,

the list can be endless you us imagine it

What Usually Happens Next

If, you’ve read all the tips and guides given throughout piece, then you must have identified the gift or gifts to buy for that guy friend to enjoy the Christmas holiday, what usually happens really after this is you head to shop to buy the gift items. Would advise you book the gifts early if you have not done so already, remember the shopping rush.

You will not want to procrastinate to buy the proposed gift, till it is pastime and there would be not special memory attached to the gift. A gift during this Christmas period would last till the following year and even for life in the memory of the recipient.

Ending Note

if you have any questions, suggestions, additions, observations or require clarifications on the topic, feel free to leave your comments below and I will be more than happy to reply as I get them. Happy holidays in advance.

Ending this with a quote from Molly O’Keefe

It’s funny what memory does, isn’t it? My favorite holiday tradition might not have happened more than once or twice. But because it is such a good memory, so encapsulating of everything I love about the holidays, in my mind it happened every year. Without fail.

~Molly O’Keefe


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Hey… Christmas is getting closer than ever. I’m happy to come across your post on the best Christmas gifts for men 2018 exploring what guys are secretly in need of. I think I will go for the bag gift. I’d be giving it to a friend for the Christmas when I return home from school and I think it will be appreciated alot. 🙂

Thanks for the tips.

Nate Stone
Nate Stone

Hi Abdulramon,

As a man I can honestly say I’d love to get a new bath/ shower robe as a gift. It’s not something I ever really remember to buy for myself but it is something I definitely need, I imagine other men are much the same! Cologne is always a winner, in fact so much of a winner I see you mentioned it twice 😉 


Interesting post. I myself would like to be surprised at Christmas with an unexpected gift.So your idea of getting someone to find out about the person who will receive it is absolutely important.Of course, if you have known the person for sometime it makes it easier.

sometimes the recipient, may be allergic to cologne. So its important to find that. Yes, instead of a materialistic gift, you could find out if the items outlined  would be of interest to the recipient.


My husband is the hardest person to shop for. He virtually has everything he could ever want already. Drones, Wallets, Belts, Shoes, Clothes, and more clothes!!! From fancy headphone sets to cologne everything tangible is out of the question. He is the guy who has everything because he has the income for it already.  So what do I get him? I found your article because I was searching on what best Christmas gifts for men 2018. You have given me a very thoughtful way to consider what to get for him, instead of mulling and agonizing over material things.  When… Read more »


Haven’t we started Christmas! While we are enjoying the decorations that have already been put together around us, the spicing it up with gifts have already entered in our mind. Right? It is better to start early. What to buy for whom? What should be my budget?  You always want to buy the best gift within your budget. I think starting early (some people buy gifts year round when things they want are on sale.)is the key. I personally like to buy gifts starting from Black Friday (same year) for the Christmas. This blog has put many great ideas for… Read more »

jessie palaypay
jessie palaypay

I would definitely want plane tickets as a gift as oppose to traditional materialistic gifts. I really want to visit all of Europe again as an adult. I’d also like to see London as well. 

Like you mentioned, most gifts don’t have to be materialistic. I’d imagine a lot of people at an older age would want gifts that include experiences