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Taking good care of your health along with your attempt to look good should be given more importance when we dress, for it will not pay a person to spend his money on something he finds no value in and therefore sees as a complete waste of money, so what would you do if you have a flat feet and you wanna rock dress shoes comfortably?.

With research conducted, reviews collected and one on one experience with men with wide feet, I present to you 10 best dress shoes for men with flat feet, enabling you take care of style issues with ease, and also lots of tips and guides chipped in between.

Identifying Flat Feet

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Flat feet can also develop as an adult due to injury to the feet, illness, unusual or prolonged stress to the foot, faulty biomechanics, or as part of the normal aging process.

If a youth or adult appears flat footed while standing in a full weight bearing position, but an arch appears when the person raises the legs in an attempt to move, or pulls the toes back with the rest of the foot flat on the floor, this condition is called flexible flatfoot. This is not a true collapsed arch, as the medial longitudinal arch is still present and the windlass mechanism still operates; this presentation is actually due to excessive pronation of the foot (rolling inwards), although the term ‘flat foot’ is still applicable as it is a somewhat generic term. Individuals with flexible flat generally exhibit asymptomatic effects in response to their flat feet.

Individuals with rigid flat feet tend to exhibit symptoms such as foot and knee tendinitis, and are recommended to consider surgical options when managing symptoms.

Not sure if you have a flat feet?

An easy and traditional home diagnosis is the “wet footprint” test, performed by wetting the feet in water and then standing on a smooth, level surface such as smooth concrete or thin cardboard or heavy paper. Usually, the more the sole of the foot that makes contact (leaves a footprint), the flatter the foot.

It is also widely believed that among the signs if you don’t already know is the fact that it is widely accepted that men with flat feet are not tolerant of foot stress, if you find it hard to stand for a longer period compared to other men or you get pain after some moment working on your legs by either running, exercising or standing. Be sure to check with a podiatrist to be sure if you have a flat foot or not.

Guides for all Men With Flat Feet

While you will try as much as possible to stay away from shoes with flat heel height, however you will want to opt for shoes with arch support and/ or raised heel height. This should be the first thing you look forward to before getting a shoe for your flat feet.

It should be good news for you to know that the use of podiatrists or physical therapist recommended special shoe insert/ arch support ‘orthotics’ in your shoes overtime would make it possible to raise the arch on the feet to create the arch on the feet.

It should no longer be an excuse not to get your favorite shoes.

With that analyzed I would recommend the best arch support and dress shoes you can get, do not see it as because you have a flat foot you will restrict yourself to just bespoke shoes, try things out, only then will you know what will work for you or not.

Personal thing I have always advised is to buy all shoes with arch support and for those designed without an arch you should simply get one for each of the shoes to avoid misplacement and save the foot in the long run.

Good news is!, now you can wear any shoe you want, all you have to do now is to ensure you get arch support for your shoes, this will give you the Support you need to arch the flat heel of the foot assisting to relief the pain that would already have developed over time under the foot.

Muscular training of the feet is helpful and will often result in increased arch height regardless of age.

When getting your shoe, and dressing the use of with properly fitting, arch-supporting orthotics will enhance selective activation of the tibialis posterior muscle thus, acting as an adequate treatment for the undesirable symptoms of pes planus(flat feet).

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are prescription medical devices that you wear inside your shoes to correct bio mechanical foot issues such as problems with how you walk, stand, or run and also correct flat feet. Unlike inserts which is just added to the shoe to make it more comfortable orthotics are meant to correct specific leg issues.

Orthotics can be gotten from over the counter, shopped online, or prescribed by Podiatrists.

Before you get your orthotics online or over the counter, be sure you have a deep knowing of what support you are expecting from it when placed/inserted in your shoe. But if you don’t already know what type of support you want from the orthotics shoe support, meed with a Podiatrist who will go ahead and examine you feet, and then give you prescription orthotics made from molds of your feet which should fit quite well.

Best Dress Shoes for Men with Flat Feet

best dress shoes for men with flat feet

Getting a shoe for yourself or your friend with flat feet, this a certain thing you should look forward to before you buy or stock up more.

  • Prescribed orthotics (i.e., shoe inserts) by podiatrists or shoe experts.
  • Go for Right type and size of shoes

Since it have been established that men with flat feet should preferably go for shoes with arch support, men with flat feet can also wear any other shoe of their choice (with or without arch support) as far as they have the prescribed orthotics to support the arch of their foot.

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There you have it, Best dress shoes for men with flat feet, with guides, identification, what orthotics are, how to select dress shoe as a man with flat feet and then recommendation of the best 10 dress shoes for men.

Leave a Comment below if you have any questions, require clarifications or you want to share your experience with the topic and I will reply as I get them.

Just before I leave here is a quote from Christian Louboutin found in Brainy Quotes

“A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.”
~Christian Louboutin

14 thoughts on “Best Dress Shoes for Men with Flat Feet

  1. This is great, I have flat feet but I was worried because I could not find shoes that suit me the best. What is also important to me is its design as I like when something looks nice. I will definitely get orthotics, it is strange how I did not hear about it before, thank you for sharing.

  2. Hey there,

    Having flat feet, would by no means be a hindrance to buying the shoes you want. With technology advancements nowadays, it is great that there are products for supporting your foot’s arch and enabling us to buy any pair of shoes we want.

    Shouldn’t one ask a doctor’s opinion before any purchases, though?



    1. Hey Marios, yes today technology has made it easier.

      The essence of this post is to create the awareness in the mind of people who do not already know, some of the ways out, rather than being depressed about the body endowment.

      Yes I highly recommend you seek a doctors opinion, though not really necessary as you only need to get the right size for your shoes, and some support.

  3. A nice pair or two of dress shoes is a must for formal or special occassions. Even before, it’s possible for men with flat foot to wear this but of course, their feet movements are compromised and limited. It’s amazing how biomechanical technology are improving a lot to correct certain health problems like flat foot. What’s good about Orthotics is that it can be purchased through different ways as long as you have a prescription. 

    Among the Dress Shoes form men, I have always liked Oxfords and Blucher shoes. It looks so elegant and classy. Everytime my husband needed a new pair for formal events we would always argue because he would always try slip on shoes and I would like him to see for himself that Oxfords look good on him. Anyway, thanks for sharing about Orthotics and how it can correct flat foot and gives arch support.

  4. People with flat feet that I have seen can’t participate very we in sports that requires legs i.e racing sport, foot ball etcetera. In some cultures, any women with flat legs may bring bad luck to the new family when she get married. That their believes. That is why they usually take extra care to massage the foot of the new born baby any time it is undergoing infant bath. Well, I don’t know the science that support that. It is fascinating seeing that flatfoot can be supported by shoes with arch. Do you think arch shoes support can also correct the flat foot of an adult that has been there since birth ?  This review has provided a clue on the types of shoes that I can give to a flat footed friend as a gift.

    1. correct Stella, thanks for sharing your comments. 

      So having a flat feet should not be an hindrance in participating in sports provides a person seeks a professional doctors counsel, buys the right type and size of shoes with the correct support.

      A person who has been flat feet since birth and plans to correct it should also seek a doctors advice.

  5. My cousin does have a flat foot and you can imagine the large grin on my face when I came across this post right now. He always complain of pains in his feet whenever he wears shoes and that’s the reason he has favored sandals more than shoes. I’m glad I can finally buy him that pair of orthotics to relieve him of pains whenever he is on shoes. Great article this is for me and I’m glad I came across this. Bless you! 

    1. Glad you found the article helpful, please follow our social media accounts for more updates and latest posts

  6. Hi! Thank you for dealing with this topic. I have really liked a few shoes you have showed here. But concerning the flat feet issue, I’ll first go and consult a Podiatrist. I want the Orthotics to be prescribed by him. I’m a bit scared of purchasing these devices on my own and harm my feet in the long run.

  7. feels good to know that the use of podiatrists or physical therapist recommended
    special shoe insert/ arch support ‘orthodontics in my shoe over time would
    make it possible to raise the arch on the feet to create the arch on
    the feet. 

    And here I can wear my favorite shoes.I’ll buy it soon and I can give to a flat-footed friend as a gift.Thank you for a very helpful post.

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