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The reason I love men briefs underwear aside from other kinds of underwear which are the Boxer shorts, boxer briefs, jockstrap, “among others” is MAINLY for the “support feature”, yeah you heard that right the boxer briefs offer the best support for the groin and other men stuff under, making it perfect not just for tight pant but for those important event where you don’t want to be embarrassed by your boxer shifting and showing off your boner “unless you are cool with that“. Well I would not be.

With that said, here In this post as your personal style counselor I would be revealing the best set of briefs you can buy this year to upgrade your closet, how did I arrive at this conclusion?, Well I did with Extensive research and of course customer reviews and experience with the brands. Read more here

But before the list, how about you get accustomed to the benefit of choosing a brief underwear and also get my quick and short guide on how to choose a brief when buying or ordering anywhere. Let’s get straight into things now.

Benefits of Choosing a Brief Underwear

Support: Briefs unlike the boxers short offers the best support for the genitals, making it a popular underwear choice for men participating in athletic activities, and also men who feel they need more support for the groin than any other underwear can provide. What is the meaning of the support I am talking about here it is the ability of the underwear to hold the genitals in place from revealing visible on the outer part of your pant leaving you looking polished in your tight pant while avoiding any wardrobe malfunction.

Comfort: The comfort from a brief is the fact that you have to worry less about having a wardrobe malfunction, you wear the brief knowing what you want already and focus more on your days activities, which gives comfort and removes all uneasy thoughts and worry from the mind.

Freedom: You have a sport to participate in, and you want to avoid your pant shifting while on the field?, or you are performing for a large audience and you plan to be free of the risk of adjusting your underwear in front of the audience. Such freedom you get if you own and wear the right size underwear. Also another freedom here is from the health complications that arises as a result of actions taken

Who they are really for:The Briefs have mostly been used by athletes, dancers( now uses Jockstrap) and many other individuals who require mostly the support feature on their boxers.

==>Click Here for Guides on How to Properly Wear the Underwear

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Take Note of the Material:

Yeah, you really need to take note of the material you are buying so you know to get after purchase, mistake most people make is to go area and buy an underwear, not noting its material. Below are list of materials the brief can be made with and what to expect from the material:

  • Cotton: My number one recommendation when you play to get any underwear, why I like cotton is mostly because it is breathable; that means you have to worry less about serious heat at the groin, the material is soft, sweat absorbent and inexpensive.
  • Polyester: Second best option, Strong, wrinkle and tear-resistant, and reduce shrinking. When you expect all these mentioned qualities, they come when you get a polyester made brief.
  • Nylon: Mostly found in most thong or jockstrap, the nylon material offers all round dryness due to its material making it the best option to wear to the gym, but avoid wearing a nylon material all day. ‘Imagine covering the face with a nylon’.
  • Modal: Similar to the nylon underwear, having the same course. Worn when you seek a more friendly brief when compared to Nylon.
  • Silk: Underwear usually expensive when compared with briefs made with cotton, according to a popular undergarment store, most people buy the silk underwear for a very special occasion/even
  • Spandex: Worn when you expect faster drying from the brief after wearing them.


Knowing the size of your underwear would in turn allow you complain less even after getting the best of material or top brand of underwear in the market, there are two ways I would suggest helping you out here in getting the right size of briefs for your body type.

The first way is to know the measurement chart and then knowing what the size of your underwear would be in inches and in centimeter.

Underwear chart for Men

Size Waist (inches) Waist (cm)
XX Small 20-22 51-56
X Small 24-26 61-66
Small 28-30 71-76
Medium 32-34 81-86
large 36-38 91-96
X Large 40-42 101-106
1X 42-44 106-112
XX Large 44-46 112-116
2X 46-48 116-122
3X 50-52 126-132
4X 54-56 136-142
5X 58-60 146-152
6X 62-64 156-162

The second way is meant for you to make the entire process very simple. And the way is to use the size of your waist to determine the size to buy, the most easiest method is to use your pant size to determine the size of your underwear.

For example here, If I wear pants medium size pants then the size of my underwear would be between 32-34 inches and then between 81-86 centimeters.

Colors to buy:

Worried about what color to buy or what color to fill your closet with?. Well you need to worry less, I will and have always advice to “Fill your Closet with Varieties of Colors” what would make you look unique and even feel it is to make your underwear rhyme with your cloth whenever you dress at least it should rhyme with your pant, if not for any reason but for the reason for a slit in the bottom of the trousers.

Nobody want to see a very polished man on suit with a white underwear

That would sure be a very terrible situation, but when you buy your underwear try to buy varieties of color and styles so you have alternatives when you dress for any outing


Some briefs are expensive while some are not so expensive and the cause of this is due to the material used to make the underwear, technology used or the brand itself.

If you feel you are being cheated by a store or a particular seller, look for the same product at an alternative store the get the piece of underwear where you are comfortable.

Aside from the two points mentioned above, some underwear are not just worth the price so it is best to know what it is to expect in the underwear as mentioned earlier.

Best Men Briefs Underwear 2019

1. Fruit of the Loom Men’s Underwear Basic Cotton Brief, Multi-Pack  

Click on Image to Check Price and Reviews


  • Made with 100% cotton which means you have less to worry about if you are concerned breathability when choosing an underwear.
  • Has pinch free leg opening, this is the part that sits around the lap, and the benefit of this is when you wear the underwear for a longer period, you should not expect mark on the lap made from the brief.
  • Comes in a seven in one pack, that is you get seven boxers from the purchase of the brief and come in set of full white, mixed colors and stripe.


  • When in doubt of your pant size here, go for a larger size as the product shrink over a long period of use, which is common with most underwear.
  • Ensure to buy the right side!
2. Hanes Ultimate Men’s 7-Pack Full-Cut Pre-Shrunk Briefs – Colors May Vary

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  • Made with 100% cotton and also pre shrunk to provide and prevent folding of the edges of the pant.
  • Comes with a pack of seven sets and available colors include white, Black/Grey different shades of blue and they.


  • Buy the right size to avoid ill-fitting briefs that in turn leads to wardrobe malfunction.
3. Wirarpa Men’s Underwear 4 Pack Modal Microfiber Briefs No Fly Covered Waistband Silky Touch Underpant

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  • Made with 95% Regenerated Cellulose Fiber (Modal),5% Spandex, which makes it good for gym, sports, long hour wear where you don’t want the boxers to absorb the sweat. and the spandex make up makes it very easy to wash.
  • Has tight grip and double layer contour pouch and no fly pouch which provides extra support.
  • Comfortable well-made underwear with fabric covered waistband that stays in place and won’t roll down or ride up.
  • Comes 4-In a pack and colors include, Black, Burgundy, Chocolate brown, multicolored and Navy.


  • The pant can be too tight and then suffocate your nuts.
  • Try to get the right size to avoid all sorts of embarrassment.
4. Amazon Essentials Men’s 7-Pack Tag-Free Briefs

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  • Made with 100% cotton which means more breathability and more sweat absorption for you.
  •  Comes with a pack of seven and has no label on it, no tag, no big logo, waistband
  • Comfortable, nice soft material, and look great too. Waistband is flexible, no big logos, look great, and no tags to bother you.


  • To get the best out of this underwear you need to get the right size following the size.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s 4-Pack Cotton Brief

Click on Image to Check Price and Reviews


  • If you buy a product for the trust of its brand then I would recommend you go for this TH Briefs made with 100%cotton and comes 4 in a pack.
  • Available in Black mahogany, Multicolored, white, concord, Spark, Steel blue, red, brick colors.
  • The briefs come in very super light cotton material, making it comfortable and very flexible to wear.


  • The only issue here is the drop in the weight of the product, used to be more heavy than it is now.
6. Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear Cotton Classics 4 Pack Low Rise Briefs

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  • Just know wherever you find Tommy Hilfiger expect Calvin Klein boxers, vice versa.
  • Comes in a 100% cotton material recommended for wear due to softness and breathability feature offered by the boxer.
  • Available colors include:Assorted, black, blue, black, white, brown and multicolored.


  • There has been huge level of complaints from existing users of the brand’s underwear that the quality of the underwear keeps reducing and maybe it is high time we start to explore the new brands.
7. Men’s Underwear Briefs 5-Pack Cotton Low Rise Multi Color Soft Underpant

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  • Made with Price: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex, Giving you a nice wearing experience and also easy to wash, making you feel free all day.
  • Convex pouch with smooth flat lock seaming for more charm and comfort. No Flip layers in the crotch and big room for more support


  • For best experience choose one size bigger than you usually wear, as customers ave complained that the sizes are smaller than the standard size of measurement.
8.  ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Brief

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  • Made with 94% Nylon / 6% Lycra Spandex an ideal underwear that can be used for backpacking, outdoor work, fishing, golfing, urban exploration, lounging and even just spending time at the gym.
  • Because it is made with nylon it prevents odour that must have been socked by other kind of underwear for men.
  • Available colors include White, Black, Charcoal, Red, Grey Curfew, Morning, Navy Royal, Granite and maritime.


  • Ensure to get the right size of the underwear.
9.  yuyangdpb Men’s ComfortSoft Modal Sexy Bikini Briefs

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  • There you have it, made with 95%Modal+5%Spandex , suitable for exercise, outdoor, construction, hiking, sports or just a stroll.


  • When you buy the right size you get the most perfect boxers.
  • Ensure to check the size chart before placing your order or buying anywhere
10.  TSLA Men’s Relaxed Stretch 3″ 6″ Open-Fly Cool Dry Brief

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  • This TSLA men’s wear is good Flawless ergonomic design engineered for comfort, performance, and athletic support
  • Provides more than support for the groin but also material that grips the body well.


  • Due to stretchy material, it is advisable to get a size smaller than your waist size to avoid discomfort.

What you Should Take Note of Concerning the Briefs


The material of the brief you buy should be given serious importance as it determines what you plan to get out of the briefs underwear.

Number of hours worn:

You should not wear the briefs longer than a day straight without washing it, or when you gym/exercise and you sweat you should not allow the sweat to dry on the brief and then wear it the next day or something else similar to that, what you should do is to ensure that you change your underwear after an extensive workout, change your briefs every day and also ensure you have your boxers for everyday of the week.


The briefs are set of underwear with more emphasis on support and for support to be established there is the need for a tight-fitting underpant. But if you know you will not be ne endure the tight pant for a longer period then you may want to start wearing the Boxer Short or boxers briefs.

Sperm issue/baby problem:

Did you know that the Brief pose a very huge health issue when compared to the boxer shorts?, yes it does, and that is the damage it is capable of doing to the sperm cells there figures leading to infertility. Here are some ways to avoid infertility that may arise from wearing the briefs:

==>Click to Check most Recommended Underwear for Fertility

1. Do not wear one brief for two days straight without first washing

2. Try to mix the way you wear your underwear so you don’t wear the briefs all the time allow opportunity for the boxer shorts, boxers briefs among others.

Shifting and lines:

Briefs when they are worn, tend to leave a line on the lap and waist depending on the brand and design, ensure you adjust your briefs well whenever you go to the restroom to avoid any embarrassment that may arise from when there is a shift in the position of the groin to where it is really obvious and to solve the lines go for a boxer with very light materials.


There you have it, Best men briefs underwear 2019, with the benefits of choosing the briefs, how to choose the briefs, size chart for underwear and what you need to take note of concerning the briefs.

If you have any question, observation or you want to share your experience with the topic, leave a comment below and I would reply as I get them.

21 thoughts on “Best Men Briefs Underwear 2019

  1. This was amazing! First of all, as a female, the images alone kept me engaged and reading, but I had to remember why I was here in the first place! This will help me make my decision on which underwear to buy next for my boyfriend. Comfort is key and this post has left me with my questions answered. Thank you!

  2. Over my 50 plus years on this earth, I have gone through a multitude of undergarments. My mom uses to buy us the “tighty whities” or briefs as a kid. I grow up and changed to the boxers to keep things cool when my exe and I were getting ready to start our family.
    Over the year I have changed to the boxer brief for comfort. I like how they keep me in line. I have never really spend a ton of money on brands like Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger. I am simple and happy with Hanes or Fruit of the Loom.

    1. And you may be surprised to know that the price of a Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger is not as expensive as you think it is. Just that the brand’s name is so popular.

      I did not live around those time where you wear the tighty whities,, but it’s something i’ve heard and written about.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the community.

  3. This is really a great article and I never realized the importance of what type of underwear men wore until my Fiance got the perfect pair. It provided him with support like you were explaining but not so tight he felt restricted. After that I realized that there’s not much difference in us women picking out the proper bra then men picking out the proper fitting underwear.

    1. I guess the experience is always similar, you need to get the right type, size and then some also look for colors.
      Briefs==>Full Support
      Boxers Brief==> provides enough Support
      Boxers Short==> Less/No Support

  4. Wow this website has a lot information on mens briefs!! I am not a man and therefore was not aware there were many different types of briefs! I thought a brief was a brief. Good to know they are better supportive than other types of mens underwear. I really love the style of the Men’s Underwear Briefs 5-Pack Cotton Low Rise Multi Color Soft Underpant, they look very comfortable. I am passing this website to my boyfriend to read lol 🙂

  5. TSLA Men’s Relaxed Stretch 3″ 6″ Open-Fly Cool Dry Brief could be my favorite, it looks very comfortable, your reviews for these underwears are really clean and detailed, thank you for the article!

  6. Thank you for sharing. You gave these brief underwears very good introduction, so now I know which one I am going to purchase in 2019, I prefer the ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Brief because I like the material, it will keep dry and cool. And thank you for reminding the sperm issue, it’s important for men.

  7. Excellent article on the best men briefs underwear. I personally favor brief under wears much more better than other under wears. The comfort that comes with it and like you said, its tightness and support just makes it perfectly better than other under wears. Nice options you have given up here for some nice pairs and I have the Men’s Underwear Briefs 5-Pack Cotton Low Rise Multi Color Soft Underpant. Thanks

  8. Thank you for the information. It is always a difficult task to buy underwear for my husband. He only complains that this is not good and that is not good but never can really tell why. How can I know what a man wants? My husband loves to run (we both are training for a marathon), I think these brief underwear will be perfect when he does his training. Love your material description and the pros and cons. Will get some for my husband. Thanks again, you are a life saver!

    1. Glad you found value in the post Nuttanee.

      Very easy to know what a man wants you can tell from things he share with you, his actions and inactions, wishing you well in your marathon.

  9. Hi Abdulramon,

    Thank you for a pretty informative piece on Men’s brief. 

    I use men’s briefs a lot and have never consciously thought much about most of the information you’ve brought to our attention including the health side of things but I know certain’s designs/material feel more comfortable than others. 

    One question I have is, to what extent is the health risk you describe common? I’m just wondering if briefs pose such a risk, why make them at all? 



    1. Thanks for leaving your comment Femi.  Like every other thing, the briefs don’t pose any health risk unless they are abused and overworn.

      So, if you wear the right fabric under the recommended time frame and change your underwears often then you should be save.

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