Biggest Fashion mistakes men make and the way out


You must have probably heard of fashion flops, this are mistakes made in the name of fashion. These mistakes are clear and can lead to a bad representation of the body message, at times it makes the dresser looks untidy and messy. Even for some it leads to low esteem and the dresser.

This post covers some biggest fashion mistakes men make and the way out, with several tips and recommendations in between. What else does a man want with his dress than to create the right impression with the dressing option meeting his expectation, which automatically leads to increase in esteem and more.

Some of the Biggest fashion mistakes men make:

Not trying out cloths before buying

Yes this is a fashion mistakes many people fall victim of especially when you are in a hurry or you have to prepare urgently for a coming event. And you rush to the store to get an emergency outfit, then leave the store without trying it on The pro about this is that you get the outfit as needed the cons are you probably might fell uncomfortable at the event check out the analysis

The shoe might not fit and you end up uncomfortable with a sore foot at the end of the function or program

The shirt/Top might be too tight or loose: If it is too tight you may experience a slit and that would be so embarrassing and if it is loose you end up with a load you are not happy with

Also, the pant may also be too loose or tight If it is too tight you may experience a slit and that would be so embarrassing and if it is loose you end up with a load you are not happy with.

Obsessing on how you look

This is a very common one and many people fall victim of this Don’t. How is this a fashion mistake?, When you’re done your research and have gotten that outfit that makes sense, leave it for others to admire and compliment don’t obsess about how you look. Confidence will make more of a difference in your appearance than a new wardrobe.

Not Knowing body type before shopping

This is a very common mistake as some people literary go shopping after seeing an outfit that looks real good on another person, this is a common misconception people have as the person’s body type might be different from yours are you endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph? which i have covered in a previous post how to dress for your body type for men-tips for looking awesome

If you can successfully identify your body type then you would know the types of clothing choice that will work fine for you

Wearing a Short Jacket

This is especially for people with long legs, only if wear when it is a life jacket or a waistcoat otherwise avoid short jackets, as they make the legs longer and not sexy like the way some men think it is.

Better go for a jacket that rise and fall around the belt, either on the belt or 2-3 inches below the belt area.

Wearing loose Jackets or Trousers

Funny thing is some people are not bothered by this, sure it was a style in the 80s and 90s but certainly not in this age where there are several affordable shirts that actually fits that brings out the best body image and several stores that sells fashion items online and offline.

Fitting is very important as it brings a good body image, also ensure there are no extra creases on the jacket and trousers.

Not Planing for dress choice or option

Not drawing a map or having a strategic meeting on what to wear but something as simple as sorting which dressing outfit will match with another for a specific outing, event, program or work before its due time maybe a day before or as simple as a moment before the time you actually need to dress.

Yeah, this is a common misconception that to dress you don’t need to plan and you just shove whatever you have in your wardrobe, Some surprises you get if you don’t plan are: slit or rip on your shirt or pant, dress not matching, missing socks, rough shirt, lost shirt/ pant button. You see all this are reasons you should plan your dressing ahead before the d- day, to avoid embarrassing moment.

Truth is if you plan for you dress choice before something as simple as an outing or work, event, program, function and all you are prepared already so there will be no funny surprises on that day when you have the work, event, program or function.

Wearing Baggy jeans

This was a fashion style for old school hip hop stars and certainly not for this age, there are several stores online, offline on the streets selling affordable jeans that are cut to several waists and length size depending on your body type that actually fits every fashion need so you don’t have to wear a baggy jean as an excuse for fashion.

If you fall victim of this its better to stop immediately and maybe reserve the baggy jean for when you are inspired to do home painting or some reconstruction work.

The more expensive a cloth is the more fashionable it is

This have been proven wrong since its not all expensive cloth that is fashionable, some might even make you look odd.

Also, the expensive denim jacket in one store you can always find a similar type at a more affordable price at several other stores, some social experiments carried out o social media have even proven that they are several affordable /cheap fashion item can outlast the expensive ones.

When looking at your pocket, of course you can crush on expensive fashion ite

Some Tips on how to avoid fashion mistakes

Don’t obsess about how you look.

Confidence will make more of a difference in your appearance than a new wardrobe.

Keep an eye on what’s fashionable.

Wearing clothes that are in style now will make you look more attractive.

Pay attention to the fitting.

So Whats Next

Now that you’ve identified some fashion mistakes men make in the name of looking good

Let me leave you with this quote from Paulo Coelho

“Elegance is usually confused with superficiality, fashion, lack of depth. This is a serious mistake: human beings need to have elegance in their actions and in their posture because this word is synonymous with good taste, amiability, equilibrium and harmony.”

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That baggy jeans part got me laughing out loud…nice tips.

Florence Ki
Florence Ki

Oh.. there are so many men that I met make such mistakes. Good that you created this post, easier for me to share with those people. Confidence is indeed something that man should have rather than being too obsessed with their outlook. Regardless, we also can’t deny that a good outlook build a man’s confidence. Guess both are inter-related. 


Hi, how are you? I know that your post is focused on men, but I must tell you that it also happens to us. I felt very identified with several of them. It happened to me several times that I had to go buy an outfit at the last moment for a party and I made the mistake of not trying it, the consequence was that it did not fit me and I could not use it. I also become very obsessed with my image, and if something I do not like about my outfit, I feel that everyone is… Read more »


This contains good information along with some very good suggestions on how to overcome some pitfalls. Another thing to bear in mind is that over time clothes that used to fit well and comfortable may no longer fit. You do not want to find that out just before the event. I usually try out trousers, jackets, shoes and coats before I actually buy them just to be sure of the size and the like. With other clothes, sometimes you can not fit them on in the shop, eg shirts.  One thing that got me recently was I brought an expensive… Read more »