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Double Breasted Waistcoat For Men – Recommended Guides and brands for you


Not willing to wear a suit jacket or you have a suit jacket and you want to add an extra detail to your dress, the waistcoat serves as a perfect complement to the shirt worn underneath irrespective of the reason for wearing it. The Double breasted waistcoat for men are awesome formal or business dress or casual dress.

In our quest to looking awesome we tend to seek for information till we get what we are satisfied with, This post will cover what double-breasted waistcoats for men are, how they can be worn, what to look forward to in a waistcoat making brand and top recommendations to try.

What is the Double Breasted Waistcoat really

The Double breasted waistcoat which can also be called the double-breasted sleeveless suit is a coat, jacket, or vest with wide, overlapping front flaps which has on its front two symmetrical columns of buttons; by contrast, a single-breasted item has a narrow overlap and only one column of buttons.

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Unlike the single-breasted jacket, which can be left open or unbuttoned. This is because the large amounts of overlapping fabric on a double-breasted jacket tend to gather at the sides when unbuttoned. There are, however, formal jackets which are designed to be worn unbuttoned, with a vest: these are designed to avoid the perceived unsightly gathering.

For further comparison Let’s look at some difference between the double-breasted waistcoat and the single breasted waistcoat

Double Breasted Vs Single Breasted Waistcoat

Compatibility with the suit jacket: The single breasted waistcoat is compatible with the Double breasted suit jacket, and the Double breasted waistcoat do not need the waistcoat because the extra flap should have served the purpose of the waistcoat, but overtime people have been seen to wear a single breasted waistcoat with the double-breasted suit jacket(would not advisable though).

Number and Style of Button: A Single Breasted vest would be found with a number of about three to six buttons on just one column while the double-breasted vest would be found with two symmetric columns with the Flap overlapping on the other.

Lapels: Some waistcoats can have lapels, others do not. Lapels for the waistcoat is not limited or restricted to any of the two types being the single breasted r double-breasted. One other good thing about the design of lapels for the waistcoat is that it is not restricted to just being notched, peaked or shawl designs can by inspiration. Seen some really creative lapel designs for the lapel style.

How can a double-breasted Waistcoat be worn

There are varieties of ways the waist coat can be worn and it should not be limited to just the Suit jacket, yes wearing the double-breasted waistcoat with the suit jacket provides a more sophisticated look and can be traced back to history.

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Waistcoats (called vests in American English) were almost always worn with suits prior to the 1940s. Due to rationing during World War II, their prevalence declined, but their popularity has gone in and out of fashion from the 1970s onward. A pocket watch on a chain, one end of which is inserted through a middle buttonhole, is often worn with a waistcoat; otherwise, since World War I when they came to prominence of military necessity, men have worn wristwatches, which may be worn with any suit except the full evening dress (white tie). Although many examples of waistcoats worn with a double-breasted jacket can be found from the 1920s to the 1940s, that would be unusual today (one point of a double-breasted jacket being, it may be supposed, to eliminate the waistcoat).

So Let’s get a bullet listing of how the double-breasted waistcoat can be worn:

With the suit Jacket: Since we already identified that it could be worn with the single breasted suit jacket when you want to dd an extra touch of formal and class to your dress. This is not a compulsion for every formal outings though but when worn with the suit jacket it shows the event is formal and not casual.

Without the suit Jacket: The Double Breasted waist coat can be worn with the suit jacket or without it, for this it can be worn without it for casual outings with a chinos pant when you want to look more sophisticated, why that though is because it makes the dresser look polished especially when complimented with the right type of shoe and pant.

With long or short sleeve shirt: For formal events should be worn with a long sleeve shirt, why this is recommended is because that is what have been found in most formal settings and you will not want to look only the odd person in the room if you choose a short sleeve shirt, but for your casual wears, wearing a long or short sleeve shirt should be a matter of choice really as both choice can really look good if they are properly combined.

With or Without Ties: Preferably, you will want to wear a tie with your waist coat for formal outings (wedding events, ceremonial, balls, formal dinners, etc.) and without for a casual outing where you just to look smart.

What to Look forward to when getting a Double breasted waistcoat

Material: Choosing the right materials for the season and event would really help in buying and selecting the right type of waistcoat, click here to check guide on how to elect the right material

Fittings: The fittings of a waist coat should really be given much attention as if properly fitted the vest would add the sophisticated look which it was bought to add to the dresser’s style in the first place

Brand: Ideally you would want to patronize a brand you trust, or a brand that have been trusted by lots of people due the quality of double-breasted waistcoat they provide at affordable price. New brands can also be trusted and given a try if they have good-looking quality vests to pick from

Design: For formal occasions it is advisable to stick with the vests with no lapels or the notched, peaked or shawl lapels designs, but for your casual wear the choice of lapel design to select should really be your choice.

Color: Waistcoats are available in varieties of colors and designs, for several categories of event or activities the choice of color to select from should be according to the dressing code appropriate for the event or activity, but for you casual everyday wear, date, evening outings etc. the choice of color to wear is yours as far as it is properly combined with the pant and other accessories.


In the explanations above I have attempted to give insight on what the double-breasted waistcoat is, the difference between the single breasted and the double-breasted waistcoat, how the double-breasted waistcoat can be worn, what to look forward to and my recommendations.

If you have any question related to this topic, observation or you want to share your experience with the topic, kindly leave a comment below and I would reply as I get them.

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Sujandar Mahesan

I have my Athletic banquet coming up at my school so I was looking for a new Double Breasted Waistcoat. This article has so many good choices of it and they are all so less expensive that I thought. You also gave some ideas on how can these coats be worn. That is a great help.

Thank you so much for posting this.