Men's Belt Guide - Accessorize Properly with the Belt

Men’s Belt Guide – Accessorize Properly with the Belt



What man does not have any belt in his closet?, show me that man and I will show you a man still living in the stone age. Belts are indispensable part of a man’s wardrobe, though not worn at all times but at least most of the time for the average man.

Since you’re here and you are on this guide, you probably want to know some useful guides to accessorizing well with the belt. Men’s Belt Guide offers guides to accessorizing properly with the belt, when to change the belt, belt size guide, types of belts for type of pant and when to change the belt.

Why Accessorize Properly

First here lets note the definition and a little history of the belt to know what exactly it is needed/ used for, who it meant for and what its uses are.

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The belt is a flexible band, strap or say an elongated material, typically made of leather or other similar materials, and worn around the waist, which is usually of less circumference, preventing pants from falling.

Belts are used to secure or hold up clothing, like the trousers holds it from falling off the waist similar to what the suspenders does but at different location and design, or other items of clothing. Some trousers come with belt loops around the waist, which the belt goes through.


Belts have been documented as male clothing since the Bronze Age. Both sexes have used them off and on, depending on the current fashion. In the western world, belts have been more common for men, except for the early Middle Ages, late 17th century Mantua, and skirt/blouse combinations between 1900 and 1910. Art Nouveau belt buckles are now collectors’ items, read more here on Wikipedia.

Now let me attempt the questions asked from the beginning here:

  • What exactly is the belt needed for? The fashion belt is specifically meant for holding the pant or dress to fit or not fall off its place,
  • Who is it meant for? meant for both gender for their fashion needs.
  • What are its uses? The fashion belt is used for Fashion, securing pant from falling and also create fittings.

Men’s Belt Guide to when you should change your belt

Many have some collections of belt in their closet, ever heard of decluttering (removing unnecessary items from a place because it is no longer needed)?, yeah it applies to the belts too. When you love the belt so much but it no longer looks like what it was the first few weeks or month you got it.

Truth is Belts also give an impression of a tidy or untidy person, to be brutal here, can lead to a low self-esteem. How?, when you have the loosed worn out belt worn around your waist with your shirt tucked inside your pants allowing for a full revealing of the belt, (you look untidy, no polished and you avoid certain people because of what compliment they can give, you see how that just goes on and on to affect the esteem).

Below are the guides to when you should change your belt:

  • When the threads start loosing
  • When the metal start rotting or loosing color
  • When the hole starts to lose thread
  • When the material looks obviously broken
  • When there are obvious visible lines on the belt
  • When you grow up

Now how do you preserve the belt

Some major pointers, among the ways to preserve the belt are

  • Always remove it from the pant after wear
  • Remove it steadily and hang it or roll it in the shelve
  • Never wash a leather belt
  • Buy quality genuine belt

Types of Men’s fashion belt

They are basically four major types of belts for men other are sub grouped into any of the for categories, the most popular material for making the belt is the leather and then we find the fabric among others, both materials are used to create several unique designs and style. The types of fashion belt again:

Casual Belts: The casual belt are the types worn for everyday activities and not for a suit event or dress. While this type of belt is not advisable for formal wears it is still hard to distinguish some for the casual belt from the dress belts apart from the most obvious casual belt. What makes a casual belt obvious? “The Belt Buckle and Color” Most casual dress buckles comes with several designs and shapes and the strap can be of any color. Unlike the Dress belt

casual belt for men
casual belt for men

Dress Belts: Dress belts here are belts that are worn for formal activities, unlike the casual belts there is restriction in the type of color to wear and buckle design. Most dress belt are usually in clack, brown or Tan.

And the buckle designs are usually simple, as compared to the Casual dress belts.

dress belt for men
dress belt

Woven Belts

The woven belt have a mixture of being dress belt and casual belt, Why that is possible though is because the woven belt form from (mostly fabric, and at times leather) by interlacing long threads/material passing in one direction with others at a right angle to them.

Since the woven belt can be made from using leather it can be worn as a dress belt and also casual dress, as this have been seen in most office and worn by fashion stylist.

woven belt for men
woven belt for men

Fabric Belts:

Military pistol belt

The Fabric belt is the popular belt in the military why though is because the straps are usually strong and the loops are use for support to hold items ranging from pistols, ammo, knives, canteens, intrenching tool and more could be clipped to the belt and/or suspenders. And apart from the military use others use it simply as a fashion belt because it is usually made from easily available materials and is used mostly as a casual belt.

Fabric belt for men
fabric belt for men

Belt size guide

Sourced from Wikipedia, there are several unspoken rules for belts when it comes to belt shape and color, especially for men wearing suits. A thinner belt is generally viewed as more formal, and a wider belt more informal. Belts for formal dress pants are usually 30 mm wide (a little under 11⁄4 inch), but not less. Less formal belts for suits can be up to 35 mm wide. Belts for jeans are usually between 35 mm and 38 mm wide (a little under 11⁄2 inch). When wearing a suit it is also common to match the color of the belt and shoes.

Tips For Accessorizing well with the Belt

  • For your dress belt, make sure to match the Belt with the shoe as this leads to a more professional and polished look.

Remember: A black belt for a black shoe and a brown belt for a brown shoe

matching dress belt and shoe
  • Try to make it a rule to match your metals, talking about the belt buckle, If the color of the belt buckle is silver try as much as possible to make the other accessories match as this creates a more organized looks and person.
matching belt and shoe


Since every man has one, two or several collections of belt in his closet, and I hope you’ve gotten the useful guide to accessorizing well with the belt, known when you should change your belt and gotten used to the types of belts available for men. Look forward to other post related to providing fashion guides for men, expect more on the belt and others.

Lastly, if you have any question related to this post, observations or you want to share your experience with the topic, please leave a comment below and I would reply as I get them. Just before I leave here’s is a quote from Anthony Liccione

“Confidence, is like a belt worn around the waist. Wear it too tight, you come off cocky and arrogant, wear it too loose, you come off timid and a walk over, but wear it fit and snug, it will uphold you in every step of the way.”

Anthony Liccione

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Triumphant Life TV
Triumphant Life TV

Truth is Belts additionally give an impression of a clean or messy individual, to be fierce here, can prompt a low confidence. How?, when you have the loosed destroyed belt worn around your midriff with your shirt tucked inside your jeans taking into consideration a full noteworthy of the belt, (you look chaotic, no cleaned and you stay away from specific individuals in view of what compliment they can give, you perceive how that just continues forever to influence the regard). I have not yet caught wind of such decent data but rather this is something I will consider yet… Read more »



thanks for this great write-up on fashion belts, I have always been a fan of fabric belts until recently when I started using more of leather woven belts, they made me look matured and confident. I love accessories, especially belts from Louis Vuitton. I have also learnt to match my belt with my shoes. Thank you for that informative and details work. Kudos! 

Sandra ehinomen
Sandra ehinomen

My love for fashion, thanks for this article. Belt actually compliments a man’s outfit, nice of you to explain different types of belts, how and when they are worn, there are different belts for different occasions, colors all this can compliment the out fit of a man. Thanks for bringing this out. Keep it up 


Hey there, you have done a good job categorizing the various belt types and stating which should be used for certain occasions. My personal favorite is the woven belts. I use mine all the time, it is my go to belt. Also, thanks for emphasizing the need to match your belt with your shoes. Apparently a lot of people don’t know that and it makes them look weird and not smart.