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Mens Boxer Shorts Underwear – When and How you Should Really Wear It


When it comes to free unhindered movement of the legs the boxer short underwear have been the most sought after not only for the male gender but also for the female sex, but what was the brain behind the boxers in the first place, who was this inventor and why not just walk with just the outer pant?

With in depth research into the boxer short I will explain what the boxer short is, its designs types, when it should and not be worn, tips and guides to avoiding some obvious wardrobe malfunction, and several other tips and guides chipped in between

What is the Boxer Short

Boxer short is from the category of men’s undergarment called the boxers, also known as loose boxers or as simply boxers, which is of two types the boxer short and boxer brief.

In its most simplest term the boxer short are a type of underwear/ undergarment typically worn by men and also some ladies for convinence and unhindered leg movement.

Little History of the Boxer Shorts

In 1925, Jacob Golomb, founder of Everlast, designed elastic-waist trunks to replace the leather-belted trunks then worn by boxers. These trunks, now known as “boxer trunks”, immediately became famous, but were later eclipsed by the popular Jockey-style briefs beginning in the late 1930s. Around 1947, boxer shorts started to gain in popularity again. The two styles, briefs and boxer shorts, had varying ratios of sales for the following forty years, with strong regional and generational preferences.

In 1985, in the U.S. men’s briefs were more popular than boxers, with four times as many briefs sold compared to boxers. Around that time many of the men who preferred boxers were older men who became accustomed to wearing them during their time in the U.S. military, and best-selling color of boxer shorts was white. Around that year that time boxers were beginning to become popular among young men who wore boxer shorts with varying colors and prints. Boxer shorts got a fashion boost in 1985 when English model and musician Nick Kamen stripped to white Sunspel boxer shorts in a 1950s style “Launderette” in a Levi’s commercial. Since the 1990s, some men also opt for boxer briefs as a compromise between the two. Source Wikipedia

When you Should Wear the Boxer Short

Undeniably boxers are among the cheapest set of men’s clothing available, and as it is found in the wardrobe and easily accessible people tend to just wear the boxers short for all activities but should it be worn at all times with al kinds of pants?

when you should not wear a boxer short

Boxers can be worn with Jeans, trousers and shorts not too tight as they at times bunch up fabric and creates bump

underneath, when you should wear the boxers is if you are not on a body tight pant. Other times and reasons you should wear the boxer short are:

For Comfort: If you don’t wear the Pajamas when you go to bed at night and feel uncomfortable when you wear the briefs, jockstraps or the trunk.

freedom gotten from wearing a boxer short

The Boxer short allows for free freedom in the lower area rather restrict and enclose it.

For a healthier Body: Yeah the boxer short can have the health benefit to it wear, how that is possible is that unlike other types of underwear it allows free movement of the testicles rather than constrict it and creates heat, some study have been able to prove that wearing the boxer short

  • Increases Fertility
  • Lower levels of damaged DNA
  • Improves testicular health

To Flaunt your Style: Boxer short at times are worn to reveal the personality of a man and also add to his sense of style of fashion because they come from several brands with tons of colors, designs and several lengths, as most men would not want to be seen on wearing their Jockstrap or dance belt, (some do love to go commando), but at least most men, when the outer pant is pulled off and the under pant is made visible.

Still, not convinced?, think about this. How good is it really going to look if you take off a nice suit or Jean pant to reveal tighty-whities underneath? Not great. Boxers come in different patterns and colors, so they can seem more fancy.

Boxer short worn as a short pant

When you Should change your boxer short:

  • When it looses thread, when a part is torn,
  • when it starts loosing colors,
  • when you feel it no longer sizes the waist and you get uncomfortable in it.
  • Occasionally you should throw out all existing boxers like you do to your tooth brush.

Comparing the Boxers Short with the Boxer Briefs

The length of the Boxer short is usually longer up to just
slightly above the thighs
length here is usually at the middle or slightly above the thighs
Boxer short is usually sown not to be body tight and allow
for free movement of the fabric
fittings here is usually to hug the body tightly and give little space for
free fabric movement on the body.

They provide less support and at times leave the winkle moving free and can be a wardrobe malfunction issue if the wearer is on a tight or revealing pant

Provide good support and don’t leave your manhood hanging around, unlike the boxers.
Boxer short should be worn if you are concerned about your
Boxer brief is worn if your priority is not only on health but also on
Hide your Flaws
The Boxer short tend to hide the body flaws as they have excess
amount of fabric covering up shape imperfection
the briefs does not hide any parts as it shows the body shape as they are.
Risk of Wardrobe Malfunction
Since the boxers can be quite loose, when carrying on with your
activities, say working out at the gym, there may be a shift in the flap and
the pant there by revealing the bringing about a wardrobe malfunction
are not much of a risk with the Brief as they cover the inner thighs and are
slightly body firm unlike the boxer short.

The list does not end here, but at least these are the obvious comparison of both type of boxers

Some Useful tips you ought to know about wearing the Boxer Short

  • Buy boxers that are of your size, measure your waist before buying the boxers short
  • Do not buy cheap boxer short, cheap material fade and lose thread easily tough they are readily affordable
  • Matching pants: At least try to make the boxer short match with either the tone of your body, a dark color boxer or you make the boxers color to match your pant, so in case of some stretch or tear you are protected.
  • Have a sizable number of Boxer short in your closet, so you don’t have to repeat wears.
  • Wear one boxer a day and more if you gym/ sweat a lot in your daily activities.
  • Do not replace your shorts with boxers, let the boxers be the underwear and the shorts be the outer wear at least, this should be followed most of the time.

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Now you know little history of the boxer short, why it really is necessary to wear them, when you should wear and when to change the boxer short, comparison of the two kinds of boxers and several useful tips as promised from the beginning.

If you have any question, observation or you want to share your experience with the topic, kindly leave a comment below and I will reply as I get them. Just before I leave here’s a quote from -Rachel Bilson


You can tell a lot about a person from his underwear. Rachel Bilson

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I always wear bower shorts but never knew the history behind it (smiles). This post  of yours is very informative as i have learned the history of boxers and advantages of boxers. Am glad to know that it increases fertility due to the free movement of the testicles unlike pants that tightens everywhere up and doesn’t even allow fresh air blow down there (smiles). I also love the way you tabulated the differences between boxer shorts and boxer briefs. I would expect more posts from you subsequently. Cheers!


Thanks Abdulramon for the work ongoing on your site. I was here sometimes ago, and i find it interesting that you are writing on an important area as this.

I learnt a few things as i read through the history.

I wear boxers, and i do for two main reasons:

Health concerns and comfort.

I had a great read here, it was a complete and balanced informational post on boxers. Hope to come around some other time


Health-wise, It’s smarter to purchase quality men’s underwear rather than shoddy ones that wouldn’t last past a few washes. Your decision can enhance your self-assurance, your execution at work and it’ll make your partner even more attracted to you. I agree with you, a good boxers should give you enough comfort and freedom of movement


This is a must for all men to see and implement; Some men dont realy know how to really wear boxers; infact some men dont wear it at all.

I am seriously happy to read the short history of boxers which i see as an eye opener on why i should wear boxers and when to change my boxers.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Its well appreciated 


Hello Abdulramon, 

Very good information that you bring when you talk about boxer briefs and shorts. As you explain, boxer shorts are better for the health of our testicles. I have used both at different stages of my life. 

Currently, I use short shorts, which makes me very comfortable especially when I performed a physical exercise on a regular basis. Thank you so much!


Well I’ve been a boxer short man ever since I was about 14 years of age – once you change, you can never go back! 

Every other type of underwear seems too restrictive to me and I quickly feel uncomfortable in them. I’m also surprised to find out that tighter underwear can effect fertility in men – how long has this been common knowledge?


Hi, Abdulramon,

Thanks for sharing the information that you bring when you talk about boxer briefs and shorts.