Samsung galaxy smartwatch review – The (46mm) Silver (Bluetooth), SM-R800NZSAXAR

samsung galaxy smartwatch review - The (46mm) Silver (Bluetooth), SM-R800NZSAXAR

With some advancement in the wristwatch world, gone are the day when you would have to carry your stop clock, tight around your body your heart rate and body temperature timer, where you have to constantly change the battery cell of your wristwatch and also the times you had to worry about taking around a To — do list for a reminder of the days activities.

With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) Silver (Bluetooth), SM-R800NZSAXAR, can we say there is an upgrade to what we expect in a wristwatch?, In the subsequent paragraphs I will be giving an extensive review of the Samsung galaxy smartwatch SM-R800NZSAXAR. Revealing what to expect and look forward to, it’s pros and cons, if there is a better alternative compared to it and best place to buy the wristwatch if you want one.

Product Description

Before getting a new gadget we want to know how it works and how it compares to what we already have or know to really make the best decisions.

  • Health and Wellness:

Live a stronger, smarter life with Galaxy Watch at your wrist Rest well and stay active with built-in health tracking and a Bluetooth connection that keeps everything at your wrist Plus, go for days without charging

  • Battery:

Go nonstop for days on a single charge. The wireless charger lets you power up without slowing down. (Average expected performance based on typical use. Results may vary.)

  • Look:

Available in two sizes and three colors, the Galaxy Watch offers stylish watch faces so realistic they hardly look digital. Plus, choose from a collection of interchangeable bands

  • Connectivity:

Pairs with both Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth connection

  • Included in Box:

Galaxy Watch, Additional Strap(Large and Small included), Wireless charging Dock, Travel Adapter, Quick Start Guide, User Manual (Warranty: 1 Year Standard Parts and Labor)

How it works Compared to the Gear S3 Frontier

Swimming Compatibility: The Galaxy SM-R800NZSAXAR is a swim-ready water resistance smartwatch which has the capacity to last 50m submerge, while the gear s3 frontier production does not readily support the feature.

Battery Life: The 46mm Samsung Galaxy Watch features a 472mAh battery, while the 42mm model has a 270mAh battery. These last up to seven days, and four days respectively.

The Gear S3 has a 380mAh which could last between 3 and 4 days.

Glass Cover: The Gear S3 was covered in Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ glass, while the Galaxy Watch uses Corning Gorilla Glass DX+which not only improves quality but also offers superior scratch resistance.

Internal Specs: As more emphasis are not made on the internal spec of smartwatch at the moment it is best to know the comparison here too

The 46mm Samsung Galaxy Watch features an Exynos 9110 Dual cores 1.15GHz with 1.5GB RAM + 4GB Internal Memory and the 42mm version has 768MB RAM.

While the Samsung Gear S3 has Exynos 7270, Dual 1.0GHz with 768MB RAM and 4GB Storage.

Who is the Samsung Galaxy SM-R800NZSAXAR for

The wristwatch is meant for you if you are on the look for:

Style: Of course this is the best feature I like about the Samsung galaxy SM-R800NZSAXAR, as a fashion and style person, we look forward to looking the best with any of the fashion items we choose to accessorize with. So what is special about this particular smartwatch?, The smartwatch is available in two sizes and three colors, the Galaxy Watch offers stylish watch faces so realistic they hardly look digital. Plus, choose from a collection of interchangeable bands.

Smart Connectivity: Looking for an escape from your mobile phone?, There are several times we just want to drop our phones while we perform some of our day activities, some of which are sport activities or when we are on our job. The Galaxy Watch pairs with both Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth connection which makes it easy to listen to our music, receive calls, exercise with ease and do a lot more.

Smart Notification: The Samsung Galaxy runs on 802.11 b/g/n Supported by essentially all wireless devices and network equipment in use today and the 2.4GHz Bluetooth v4.2 Which allows for secure connectivity and data protection. All this incorporated in the wristwatch makes notifications provided smart and at the right time.

Design/ Personalization TheSM-R800NZSAXAR has the adjustable watch face feature which allows you to choose from different watch faces depending on your style or what you expect from a wrist watch, which is exactly what I like about the watch, I could use a watch face today and use a different watch face style the next and there are several choice to select from for several needs.

Durability: When thinking of getting a durable wristwatch what do you expect, I would look for the ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage The Galaxy Watch takes on life with military-grade durability, swim-ready water resistance and Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ that prevents the display from getting scratched.

Ease in Making Payment: Making payment have been made easy with the Samsung Pay NFC compatibility feature included in the smartwatch, you can make a payment from your wrist with just a tap.

Less Battery Issue: this will be divided in two categories,

First, how does it feel to stop worrying about changing the battery cell of your wristwatch?, if you ask me that is real awesome feeling, because most times with the previous designs of wristwatch you’d have to open the back cover of your wristwatch to change the battery with constant opening and closing of the back cover and in most cases that is where the depreciation of the life of the watch starts from.

Next lets talk about the smartwatch feature, you don’t have to carry your power pack around connected to your wristwatch which would look wierld if you ask me ( like receiving drip), lets forget about that thought and focus on what the Samsung galaxy wristwatch has to offer. The smartwatch allows you go nonstop for days on a single charge. The wireless charger lets you power up without slowing down.

Click here to get the wristwatch on


Sound: You would not want to receive your calls in a noisy environment, if not in a silent and cozy place listening in calls could be hard.

Battery Life: battery life here solely depends on use and varies according to settings set up on the wristwatch, as advised by the manufacturers in the product description

(Average expected performance based on typical use. Results may vary.). For optimal use

How do you safe battery life?

  1. Close unnecessary apps
  2. Switch off Bluetooth when not in use
  3. Reduce screen brightness
  4. For extreme cases, Turn on power saving mode
  5. Switch off smartwatch display when not in use
  6. Use your smartphone to adjust the notification settings.

App Store: Has it’s own app store and does not support google play or other app stores, this can be a real turn off for android users who basically have most of their applications already from Google play app store. Another major turn – off is the fact that the applications on the wrist watch are limited as compared to the unlimited selection choice you get from using the Google play app store.

Other Cons which depends solely on usage are:

  • Fluctuating heart rate monitor
  • inaccuracy in step count


What product don’t’t have a con, once you’ ve successfully identified the cons and alternative ways out, then you can go on ahead and get the Samsung galaxy M-R800NZSAXAR smartwatch.

Note, that this review is made from personal experience with the product and brand, research made and customers review collected.

If you have any questions, observation or you want to share your experience with the product and brand, leave a comment below and I will reply as I get them.

Just before I leave, get this quote:

A watch isn’t’t about telling time, it’s about your relationship with time


26 thoughts on “Samsung galaxy smartwatch review – The (46mm) Silver (Bluetooth), SM-R800NZSAXAR

  1. I’m looking for a real good smart watch so i can track my health stats for the new year.  I’m so glad i came across this post.  This samsung galaxy smart watch looks like it’s perfect for me.  It looks very stylish and awesome!

    I will definitely be checking this out.

    Thank you!

    1. Sure try Barry, and let me know if you need any help in making your decision to get this product or any other fashion and style related assistance.

  2. This is kind of ironic.  Only a couple of hours ago my wife showed me a picture on her phone and told me I really should get it.  She actually showed me a picture of the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch.

    While Im not sure if this is what I want but I do owe myself to at least look into it because of the coincidence.

    So because of your awesome review I will be taking a much closer look and one never knows I may just be getting one very soon.


    1. Hi Dale, thanks for your comment

      Do let me know if you need more assistance in making your decision on this product or any other fashion and style matters. Will be more than happy to help.


  3. Hi Rahye:

    Thank you for your review.

    I have a couple questions about the SMR800NZSAXAR.

    I use FITBIT to track my activities. Can I use the Samsung to do the same? If so, is there a website where I can monitor progress?

    Battery life is obviously important. Is there another similar product on the market that has an even longer battery life?

    In terms of style, I like that this product has the ability to look “non-digital.” Also, the ability to interchange faces is a great feature.

    Thank you for making us aware of this great product!

    1. Hi Christopher,

      Thanks for your comment here

      yes you can use the pear sports app to track your activities It offers hundreds of workout sessions and training plans, covering activities that include walking, running, cycling, flexibility, stretching, and many more.

      We would be on the look for recent update from the brand and be sure to find a post here once there is a new product. But to enjoy longer battery life on this current device:

      Close unnecessary appsSwitch off Bluetooth when not in useReduce screen brightnessFor extreme cases, Turn on power saving modeSwitch off smartwatch display when not in useUse your smartphone to adjust the notification settings.

  4. This is very helpful and interesting blog in the facts that wrists watch has changed soo much from the old days to the generation of  smart watch .and going through the   blog  am  impressed how you have gone  down with your great work of this reviews and you done very nice job 

  5. Hi Rayhe,I really liked your review here about this watch.The things I liked about this watch are:

    the look of it,stylish but tough looking

    the ability to recharge it rather than relying on batteries

    the bluetooth function of as well as the phone feature.Having a phone on you all the time can be good but also not so good if you want to take a break from stuff as well!!

    Anyway,good article Rayhe,it helps me to stay aware of new products that are out there to.Thanks friend !!

  6. Hello and thank you for this wonderful article. I really had an amazing time reading it. I enjoy different kind of gadgets and especially smart watches. This Samsung smartwatch has an amazing design. Really clean and minimal design with modern and “expensive” look.

    The specs are also quite good. You are able to use it underwater, batteries are good and as you said, you look stylish while you wear it. Good for almost all kind of occasions. Price is more than fine for kind of specs this baby has.

    I am going to take a closer look at Amazon.



    1. Thanks for your comment Strahinja

      If you enjoy the article lease browse for more fashion and style related post here.

      Cheers and have a good day.

  7. Wow, I did know about smart watches, but the shapes I wasn’t used to were the ones typical,of smart watches: slim looking with small screens. And now, I’m being presented with a watch that looks like a normal higher profile wristwatch, which infact has all the features of a smart watch and more!!! 

    Mind blowing!!!  Which leads me to my question: do they have aversion for women? 

    Thanks for your review 👍

    1. HI Thanks for your comment.

      The smartwatch is totally customisable, you can change the watch face and band for to fit your style. Also the 42mm can be worn by women because of the size.


  8. I haven’t really thought about a smart watch for myself before. This could be the one that makes me try it out. The app. store thing isn’t to bad since most of my apps are the free ones.

    What kind of apps do they have for the watch? Do you have any pictures of the face in a different mode?

    I like wearing watches for telling time but if I can get more out of it then I should.

    1. There are several apps which includes spotify, uber, here wego, Flipboard, Twitter trends, Find my car, Camera app, facer, Glympse, pear sports. for pictures of app faces please click here.

      Sure there are more use of the wristwatch because of evergoing innovations which is why it is now called smartwatch. And there are certainly more use to the watch than just telling time.

      Thanks for your comment, let me know if you want more information. 

  9. I found this article and have come back to it because it really blew me away. I never new smart watches could look like this! When I think of smart watch I think of the Apple Watch, which, I’m sorry, just isn’t my style. This Samsung model is a real watch! I’m really impressed by the specs and I’m very much looking forward to trying this out. Thanks for the honest review!

  10. The Samsung Galaxy Smartphone review is great. I want to get it for my son. You mentioned that it comes in 2 sizes and 3 colours, which sizes are those and what colours. Black is good but I need another option since he has a watch in that colour. I would really appreciate the information.

    1. Thanks Euphrasia, yeah it comes in 46mm(big size) and 42mm(smaller size), then the colours are Midnight Black, Rose Gold and Silver.

      Please let me know if you would like to know more.

  11. Thank you for your review of Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch.

    This watch definitely is a good watch for my son. He loves Samsung products. Most of his electronic gadgets are Samsung.

    I like the look, the many functions of the watch and its durability. The adjustable watch face feature is another good reason to own this watch.

    1. Hi Christine, I’m glad you like the review

      Sure it would, please look around for more fashion and style related posts.

      Thank you

  12. Hello and thank you for your awesome review of the latest Samsung Smartwatch. I’m not really a fan of buying watches anymore, so it’s tough to compare with some of the latest watches. I usually use my phone for time and fitness apps so I don’t really see the value in having a watch anymore, unless maybe I’m going underwater. 

    I do appreciate how you break down the positive features of the watch such as the scratch-resistant glass and the long battery life. It looks like these watches keep getting smarter and more functional with each iteration. I have seen some of the apple watches, but I have yet to buy into these products as I just don’t see the added value that they bring to my daily life beyond a regular iphone. 

    It does look like a very stylish watch and you seem to have a passion for these products. Maybe I will eventually come around, but I may need some more convincing as far as the features for the price. I would probably try some of the older versions first to get a feel for the product and brand before investing into the newer ones. I imagine just like apple, they make just a few tweaks with each new upgrade over the previous version. Well, thanks for keeping us up to date on the latest features and for providing this great product review. I’ll keep this in mind.

    1. Hi Daniel

      Thanks for your comment, please be free to look around for more fashion and style related posts.

      Cheers and have a good one.

  13. Hey i really enjoyed this article , it was very informative.  That watch does look really cool and i do like samsung products.  But i am not a watch guy, i never wear watches.  I only use my phone for time because thats all that i need.  I never want to spend money on something that i dont need.  

    1. Hi Justin

      Thanks for sharing your opinion, 

      there are more use to the wristwatch than just checking time with it, which is why our wristwatch are now called smartwatch because of the innovation over the years and the fact that the watch is actually not only working with the phone but gradually replacing it!


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