suitcase packing tips and tricks

Suitcase Packing Tips and Tricks- Now Travel with simplicity and comfort


suit case packing tips and tricks

Before the invention of the suitcase people of previous generations will wrap up the cloths and possessions for travel in a cloth wrapper, which was convenient for them then, but as time passes by and with several innovations that led to the creation of the Suitcase the use of the traditional wrapper became obsolete.

Here you will be getting several suitcase packing tips and tricks that will eventually lead you to traveling with simplicity, lets first lets get familiar with the suitcase. But wait…

Is There any Difference between a Luggage, Suit Case and Baggage?

Believe me here, people mix these two up thinking there is no difference between the use of the two. Well there is at least in the contextual meaning and usage of the three.

The suitcase, using the Cambridge dictionary is a large, rectangular container with a handle, for carrying clothes and Suitcasepossessions while traveling, while the luggage using the same dictionary means the bags, suitcases, etc. that contain your possessions and that you take with you when you are traveling. You see the suit case on the firsthand is talking about one single bag then the luggage meaning those bags including the suitcase where you pack your cloths and possessions.

A suitcase is an individual item of luggage, in just the same way that a ring is an item of jewelry. A suitcase is a single object, while luggage and baggage are collective and general terms to refer to everything you carry with you when you are traveling. If you are traveling, your luggage/baggage can be bags, suitcases,backpacks, sports equipment – or anything luggageelse that you are traveling with.

The word ‘suitcase’ is grammatically countable. It can be singular (a suitcase) or plural ( two suitcases).

How many suitcases do you have?

The words ‘baggage’ and ‘luggage’ are grammatically uncountable. They are always in the singular, but they don’t take a singular article (a). We can say ‘some luggage’, but we can’t say *a luggage and we can’t say *luggages.

How much luggage do you have?

Now lets get into details on suitcase packing tips and tricks

Suitcase Packing Tips and Tricks

  • Get a packing listpackking list

This is probably considered the first and most important step before you fill your suitcase, Get a packing list!!. Why should you get a packing list?

  • Allows you make preparation for the amount of days you’re packing for
  • You know and priorities what you will need from what you won’t
  • Saves space in the long run and keeps you organized

these are just some of the most common reason why it is important to have a packing list. But how do you make your own packing list?

  • Start with the reason why you are packing the luggage (If it is for an Occasion, Vacation, Sports or camping)
  • Then state the number of days you will be spending there and choose outfits for each day
  • List the things you will need there
  • Add to the list things you can’t do without i.e charger, ear pods, wristwatch among the others.
  • Lastly and most importantly look through the list again and TAKE THOSE things YOU REALLY NEED
  • Roll your cloths and pants to safe space

Deliberating on whether to fold or roll your cloth?, well here is the guide to what you should do concerning that.

While it is the very best option to roll your cloth when packing your suitcase or bags for travel, folding them can also be awesome. The first thing you do before you roll, you have to fold the parts then roll them tightly to preventing the roll from loosing thereby wrinkling the cloth.

The secret though is that any way can work well, what is most important is that you maximize all available space while you fit in your cloths and possession, for best space maximization if you fold your cloths layer them from the very bottom al the way up then, but if you roll your cloths place them tightly side by side.

Rolling cloths as opposed to folding have proven to have saved space than the later, but ultimately the choice is yours.

  • Get plastic wrap and resealable bags

Plastic WrapPlastic wrap are very useful to cover the top of bottles containing liquid and can be used to cover snacks among several other things.

The resealable bags on the other hand are handy for several reasons some of which are:

resealable bag

  1. Protect a dirty shoe from messing up the suitcase when you plan to take the shoe along,
  2. keep possessions like the ring bracelet, wristwatch, cuff link, makeup, and every other small accessories you fear will be lost in the process of packing in out.
  • Spread books under

This is meant for you if you plan to carry few books along in your suitcase, it is best to pack them underneath, to prevent the edge from having deckle edges.

  • Fit small items into free space

Arranged your shoes and clothes and need some more possession to fit in the suitcase?, simple, the small ones fit them at every free space available in the suitcase.

  • Fit socks and other small items in the shoe to safe space

This tip should not be stressed more than it already has been, Why do you have to pack an extra bag?. When you fit socks and other small possessions in the shoe it saves space and allows you the flexibility to carry more cloths and possession.

  • Cover shoe with resealable bags

The shoe when covered with a resealable bag protects other possessions and cloths in the suitcase. This also allows you the flexibility to carry your choice of shoe without fear of the stains on it.

  • keep fragile object in between the suitcase

Fragile objects like breakable plates, glasses, glass cup, plaque, pictures, and awards should be kept in the middle of the Suitcase to prevent any damage in case of sudden drop

  • Know the travel requirements for weight you should load

There are several traveling guides and requirements as regards the method by which you plan to move the suitcase and how heavy the suitcase should be as regards weight.

  • Plan for the weather or season

When you plan for the weather, you are safe from any embarrassment that may occur as a result of not preparing, furthermore, It saves you the stress of packing the clothes you will not need for the traveling purpose. I will not take a rain coat and a rain boot when it is Summer.

  • Wear multifunction cloths

multi-function cloths work like magic, where one outfit will work for A formal, casual event or just to watch a movie, it’s always good to consider and have one around just in case.

  • Pack as light as possible but maximize enough space

To pack as light as possible is just to ensure that what you have present in your suitcase are essential for the purpose for which you are travelings, while you make use of spaces available.

  • Find empty cases or resealable bags and packs to store and sort small items, toiletries, accessories.

These empty cases lying around in your house, some of them are space savers as you can store makeup, small possessions in them and add them to the items in the suitcase.

  • Fold clothesΒ into themselves

Layer clothes on themselves then cover or wrap them with each other, this saves up space too.

  • Cover a spill able bottles with a plastic wrap

Leaks from liquid bottles can bring about total Wreckage to our clothing and embarrassing us in the long run, and that is where the plastic wrap comes in to seal the lead at least before its next use.

What not to Pack

what not to pack

Now Travel With Comfort

If you have any questions on suitcase packing tips and tricks, or more generally, on Fashion and lifestyle related topics, leave them below.

What I can’t fit into my suitcase is probably something I don’t need. -Jens Lekman

23 thoughts on “Suitcase Packing Tips and Tricks- Now Travel with simplicity and comfort

  1. Hi  Abdulramon,

    Great tips! I’m one of those people that always leaves their packing to the very last minute before a trip and then I pack everything is a hurry and often forget stuff – I think making a packing list will probably help with that!

    I’d never thought about rolling my clothes lol I always fold them but I’m not the best at that either – I often find that they take an awful lot of space. Will maybe try rolling my clothes next time around lol.

    Great article!



    1. Thanks for your comment Miguel

      Yes, rolling clothes in a suitcase saves more space as opposed to folding them. And it’s pretty easy to do once you try. Feel free to browse around for more fashion related posts.


  2. Hi  Abdulramon,

    Great tips! I’m one of those people that always leaves their packing to the very last minute before a trip and then I pack everything is a hurry and often forget stuff – I think making a packing list will probably help with that!

    I’d never thought about rolling my clothes lol I always fold them but I’m not the best at that either – I often find that they take an awful lot of space. Will maybe try rolling my clothes next time around lol.

    Great article!



  3. I love travel anywhere, when we do it we can learn and know other places. Packaging is the bad part of  travel moments. it is hard to select what do take and don’t. Also it is important to know how is the weather in the place we Intend to go. I liked your tips to pack the things.This is the first time I read the real meaning&difference; between suitcase and luggage&baggage;. I like to wrap my suitcase, mainly when traveling in a plane πŸ˜‰  Thank you and good trip πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Maria

      I have seen people spend minutes trying to zip up their suitcase, and i’m always like you could have done this this way and that the other way.

      Thanks for your comment, 

    2. Thanks πŸ™‚ for your comment Maria.
      Lucky for us in this age the internet have mad life easy. I could know the weather in a place I plan to travel to and then prepare for it in advance.
      Cheers πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

  4. Excellent ideas for packing a suitcase.  Having a list that outlines what you will need and when you will need it during your trip is a must.  I noticed that you come down on the side of rolling clothes versus folding them flat to save more space.  I have not fully tested that, but wonder what the difference in amount of clothing that you can pack in a space.

    You don’t mention what size suitcase you would need for the different duration of each trip.  I’m a person that prefers to pack as lightly as possible for any trip so I tend to have multiple use garments that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits.



  5. I love this! So much information that I did not know!

    I am totally the rolling type of packer and while I am a complete minimalist and only own a handful of items, this was a great read! The luggage is also very pretty! I love packing and organizing, and the only thing I wish I had was the “makeup” container, so you can have all of your toiletries prepared and ready to go!

    Thanks for the share,


  6. Thanks for sharing these great tips for packing a suitcase.   It has become much more expensive to fly with suitcases and other luggage than it used to be.    I especially like your tip about rolling the clothes so that more will fit in the suit case.   Yet, your list of things not to pack was priceless. lol    

    The thought of avoiding packing the cat will leave me smiling all day.   Thanks!   

  7. Great information! I never really thought about the difference between these terms because the are often thrown around interchangeably, it is alsways nice to have a clear understanding of terms so thanks for clearing that up. I’ve never actually made a packing list, which is probably why I forget stuff sometimes but  I will definitely be doing this from now on.

    I tend to roll clothes because I find folding them takes up more space somehow. That last picture was excellent by the way!

    1. Thanks for your comment Renton

      Please be free to like our social media pages and also browse other pages for more fashion and style related posts

  8. Yes this is very true. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the regulations around the weight allowance for each suitcase per person as otherwise you will have an unpleasant trip before you even leave. Fortunately my wife does most of the packing for our family, but I will keep some of these tips as they are very useful. Thanks 

  9. Thanks for the packing tips I am not used to that, literally packing up my things just like that without folding my clothes, the last time I packed on my trip to Dubai it was a total mess as all my clothes were stained with the body lotion and toothpaste I was really upset because they all got bad, I hope this post help me when next I’m traveling 

    1. Sure would if you actually practice what i suggested in the post.

      Please like our social pages and expect more fashion and style related tips.

  10. Hey Abdulramon!

    Loved What not to pack part! Really great illustration:)

    All in all, really useful post for everyone getting ready to travel! I agree that packing list is really important. It’s like half of the packing job. Took me ages to realise I could write down the things I always need on my trips and actually save myself some time next time I go somewhere.

    Thanks for sharing!


  11. Dear Abdulramon,

    Being a traveler, your post means a lot to me and you have provided great tips.

    The information on the difference between Luggage and SuitCase is an eye-opener for me. I thought both are the same and thanks for the helpful insights.

    Always folded my clothes, and I never thought about rolling my clothes. On my next trip going to roll my clothes instead of folding them.

    I often struggle by missing some important things because I do my packing at the last minute. Going forward I will write the packing list first and will finish my packing before one day which will be the wise thing to do.

    I am going to bookmark your post for future reference.

    Much Success!


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