These 10 ways make you look younger – Only if you can Try


Hi awesome people there, you might have seen 1000 ways to look younger or probably a 100 ways to look younger, yes I guess, but my question here Is, how many of them do you actually put into your lifestyle or you already are doing at the moment, not all 1000 or 100 right?, wow! all those informations.

So here I would not bombard you with a million list for a change, but here I would be revealing 10 ways that make you look younger, posing you a challenge for you to try them and see if you look younger or not, all you have to do is accept the challenge at the end and go on looking awesome.

Without changing the topic, let’s start. These 10 ways make you look younger:

Smile, Laugh and Be Happy as much as you Can

smiling among ways to make you look younger

Did you know, According to a study carried out by some research students at the Institute for Human Development in Berlin. Pictures of happy faces may be misleading because smiling or laughing creates temporary wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. In a picture and when a person smiles it is harder to tell the difference between temporary wrinkles and real ones.

Most people tend to develop the permanent wrinkle overtime as they age, and young people get the temporary wrinkle when they smile, smiling and laughing often would be deceptive which would make it hard for people to notice your wrinkle if you have one, allowing you look younger.

Several blogs online have suggested “replacing smiling with a surprised/shocked expression” to prevent wrinkle from the face, which I don’t agree with

Smiles DO NOT create wrinkles!

man smiling, smiling as a way to look younger

The lines that shows when you smile is called the “Nasolabial folds” which is not a defect of the body, but normal to everybody, so as far as you smile as a kid you should have the Nasolabial folds, big and obvious for some, small and unnoticeable for others.

In ancient China, the Taoists taught that a constant inner smile to oneself, insured health, happiness and longevity. Why? Smiling to yourself is like basking in love: you become your own best friend. Living with an inner smile is to live in harmony with yourself. Mantak China, Taoist Master

Does it really cost much to smile? No it doesn’t. So why lose it when you are in charge.

Eat and Drink Healthy

set dining table, eating and drinking healthy

If you don’t already know that the food and drinks you take have an effect in making you look healthy and younger rather than sick and older. You should know that now as THEY REALLY DO!

Eating three healthy meals a day, along with healthy snacks and staying hydrated drinking plenty of water, will not only make you look younger but also make you feel younger. So if you’re only eating processed foods or are constantly overeating, then you’re bound to look older than you really are.

  • Foods that are rich in Vitamin C, like broccoli and oranges, can help you look and feel younger, and
  • antioxidants such as berries can help keep your skin fresh.
  • Carrots and sweet potatoes are also great for your skin, and low-fat yogurt can help keep your teeth strong.

Petty much any fruit or vegetable or natural food can have benefits in terms of making you look younger. Cut out the processed, fatty foods, excessive alcoholic drinks, smoking and you are bound to look younger than you ever have before.

healthy fruits, eating good fruits, fruits that make you look younger

The most important thing here is to MAKE IT A HABIT, if you will be eating and drinking to look younger, don’t do so only when you have an important event, when you develop a particular sickness or illness, or when you once in a while, be consistent with it, make it a lifetime goal and you would soon hear the complements coming in.

Make it a Habit to Exercise Regularly

exercising, exercising to look younger, exercising as a way to look younger

Who else does not know the importance of exercising, yeah, exercise not only gives you more vim and vigor which is the enthusiasm and good physical strength you get from keeping the habit of exercising, making you look flexible which is associated with younger people and allows you do your daily task with ease and less difficulty making it feel like you’ve peel off a decade or two from your age.

Other things you get from regular exercise associated with looking young are:man and lady exercising as a way to look younger,

  • Exercise improves your mood: during exercising the body gets refreshed and the pleasurable feeling you get after exercising improve the mood and boost confidence.
  • Regular habit of exercising helps to slow down the aging process in the body
  • Exercise improves body posture and stature
  • Kicks up your metabolism
  • Exercising keeps your skin soft and glowing

The list can go on and on, but these are the major pointers here and they are all associated with looking younger, the most important thing here is to make it a long-lasting habit and enjoy the benefits from exercising.

Keep all Hair Cut and Clean

a kid and a man, keeping all hair cut clean as a way to look younger

You could immediately tell who the old and who the younger person is in the picture right?, Yes, and that is due to the fact that aside from the size of the baby all kids usually have the clean cut hair.

Of course, you are not a kid, but if you could apply that simple logic to your own self and compare yourself in the mirror before and after keeping your hair cut and clean, I’m pretty much sure you would fall in love with the later. You see how keeping the hair cut and clean makes you look younger.

man shaving his face hair, shaving the hay among ways to look younger

Things to try:

  • Keep your face clean-shaven or neatly trimmed, and always trim your nose and ear hair.
  • Don’t let your hair get too shaggy or you’ll look a bit more haggard and old. Let your hair grow out a bit.
  • Consider shaving your hair if you are going bald, this will make you look younger instead of just letting your bald spot show.
  • Not just your face hairs but also shave the hairs on the chest if it is really obvious.

Dress Smart and Young

smart dress, dressing smart as a way to look younger

So if you want to look young, dress young. It should be as simple as that. But how do you dress young/?

The first advice is to dress for your body shape and size, the reason you need to dress for you body type is; the outfit that fits slim person, may not be ideal for you if you are fat, likewise the outfit of a fat person may not be ideal for you as a slim person.

An outfit not made for your body shape and size would only add age to your look making you even look older than you are, But an outfit made for your body shape and size would not only make you look your age and younger but also boost your confidence and esteem.

==> click here to read how to dress for your body type- tips for looking awesome <==

Other way to dress smart and young:

  • Stay updated with what is trending in the fashion world, and upgrade when you find a sensible trend.
  • Upgrade your wardrobe by decluttering old clothes, wearing them just makes you look older.
  • Seek advice when you are confused about what to wear, what outfit to buy and what colors to combine, you could ask the sales assistance or friends.

looking young, dressing smart as a way to look younger

If you could do all these looking young would be the result.

Reduce Stress

reducing stress makes you look younger

Stress does pretty ugly things to the body, not just psychologically but also biologically.

  • Stress can even trigger premature aging on a cellular level, leads to hair loss,
  • progress hair loss stage,
  • stress slows the skin’s monthly cell renewal process,
  • wrinkles are created as a result of stress,
  • stress may impede digestion, thereby inhibiting absorption of vitamins that are essential for healthy teeth, skin, and hair,
  • stress affects our attractiveness,
  • stress can incite self-sabotage, for instance, when we’re stressed we do things that hurt how we look. For example, we furrow our brows or purse our lips, which can cause wrinkles over time. Or we anxiously, absentmindedly pick our skin or bite our nails.
  • Lots of stress often means too little time, so we also tend to make hasty, unwise eating decisions and gain weight. Found here click for more

proper stress management tip

Every body gets stressed for one reason or another, nobody is immune to stress, and some can be pretty obvious and others small and unnoticeable, the most important thing here is to manage stress to look younger, reduce stress or totally avoid it for a younger and healthier life. Instead, Embrace smiling and Happines as an alternative

Act Like the Young person Would

act like a young person would if you want to look younger

The logic here is pretty simple, but this really is more than just a logic it is common sense. Some habits associated with young people are:They tend to be organized, go for shopping, sing together with others, always curious-researching, playing games for fun, get enough sleep, some go for walk with their dog. One thing to remember though is:

If you act like you can do something then it will work”

-Walter Isaacson

If you want to look younger act younger, occassionally do what younger people do, if you are young, do what young people of your age do that are reasonable to you and does not affect your common sense, and if you are old do what younger people of the age you want to be.

Take Supplements that Makes you look younger

taking healthy supplements as a way to look younger

Taking supplements are one of the best ways to ensure that there is no defficiency of any nature in your body’s system as deficiencies can lead to a variety of health problemsin the body. These can include digestion problems, skin disorders, stunted or defective bone growth, aging and even dementia.

taing supplements as way to look younger

What type of supplements/ Anti aeing vitamins do you take to look younger:(My favorites)

  • Vitamin E Prevents dry skin and helps skin retain its natural moisturizers
  • Vitamin A, aside from eyesight support it is an awesome wrinkle reducer
  • Vitamin K, diminishes dark circles
  • Vitamin B3, Boost hydration
  • Vitamin B12 Your body needs this to convert the food you eat into glucose for fuel.

The best way to go about this is to identify what supplement your body need, visit your doctor for prescription and advice then actually use the supplements as directed and stop when instructed if it is not a natural supplement.

Maintain proper hygiene

maintaining proper hygiene that makes you look younger

maintaining a proper hygiene is really important if you want to maintain a young and healthy look. Do you still remember the person you saw with a dirt spot on his shirt, stain on his shoe or any other signs or a not so good hygiene practice?

No a good experience right, here are some things you would want to try:

  • Maintain good healthy teeth: Good teeth can immediately make you look younger and more attractive.
  • Wear neat cloths: Avoid wearing dirty cloths with tons of excuses, only opt for neat cloths
  • Keep your shoes and other accessories you wear clean.
  • Maintain a clean lifestyle, all this and more would enable you have a clean, young and refreshed lifestyle with would

Make your Face Look Younger

managing the face to look younger

When asked what part of the body is most noticeable, some studies conducted shows that it is the face. Because in the face you tend to know if a person is old or young, so how do you properly take care of the most visible part of the human body.

  • Wash the face regularly
  • Choose a gentle facial cleanser
  • Moisturize after cleansing
  • Use sun protection daily
  • Exfoliate your skin
  • Manage your facial hair.

Doing all these would make will bring a youthful look to the face making you look not just younger but also healthy.


There you have it folks, these 10 ways make you look younger, I believe you would take on the challenge and put each and all of them into practice.

If you have any questions, want to share your opinion or experience, leave a comment below and I would reply as I get them.

22 thoughts on “These 10 ways make you look younger – Only if you can Try

  1. This post is appreciated. Really love this, aside doing exercise in looking young, eating good food and fruits as well make one look young which I agree with the poster. I think I will have to improve in area of fashion cos have not been really better in that aspect. Thanks for sharing this article. 

  2. This is a very interesting and educative article. Staying young is a must for everyone especially ladies this your write-up is going to be beneficial to many midlife individual. Smiling,exercising and healthy eating is age long natural ways of staying young. How you dress smartly, Which particular fruits and vegetables will be more beneficial to staying young, avoiding stress is another great way to stay young and healthy as well.

  3. Wow I am blown away by this article to the extent that I have just bookmarked it because it is so educational.
    What is more is that I am already doing most of these things and people always say I look young.
    So aside from my good genes now I understand why I look young.

    I have also noticed when I haven’t cut my hair I look older and that is why this year I have committed to cut my hair regularly.
    Thanx for such a great post

  4. Wow, what a beautiful site you have here!

    Love the post and find it very informative. I always thought laugh makes wrinkles and thank you for correct me on that. How serious should I be about supplements? Do you take them every day?

    1. Only take supplements after you must have identified what deficiency you need to tackle with your doctor, overdosing on supplements would mean abusing it which in most case would worsen the situation of the body.

      Glad you liked the post Wei

  5. I agree wholeheartedly regarding your exercise, eating healthy, reducing stress, and acting younger approaches. I employ these four tactics daily, along with good hygiene as well, and it’s only benefitted me. I’ll be 28 in April, but I’ve tricked many into believing I’m still in my late teens, early twenties.

  6. Great Article! All of this information is not just great for looking young but staying in good health! Focusing on things like diet, exercise, sleep, supplements, stress reduction and proper hygiene are all things that will improve health, fight off disease and infection and as you have noted, restore or preserve youth! I also agree with good grooming and dressing habits to not only look younger but to feel confident in ones self – boosting self esteem. Thank you for sharing these great tips :).

  7. There is some good information on here – Thank you. I am at the age where looking young is getting tough but you have some good tips here, Mike

  8. Awesome Post, there is a lot of great information on here. My question to you is, is this post targeting more of a male audience? The reason I’m asking is because their are a lot of pictures of males.

  9. Hi,
    This was great article and i am bookmarking it as well to go over again. Sometimes we need refreshers as to what it takes and thanks for the reminders. There are a view things I need to work on. Thanks for a very informative post.

  10. What a nice post you wrote! I really enjoyed reading it and I could not be silent about your post so I decided to leave my comment here and say Thank You! For sharing this quality post with others.
    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for about ways to look younger and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for 10 ways to look younger.
    I will come back to your website again for sure and I’m looking forward to read your new posts.)


  11. Thanks for the tips 🙂 I love tip ‘act like a young person would’ I can’t agree with that more. I feel my healthiest and happiest when I’m playing with my little ones! I’m going to raise my vitamin intake based on your suggestions too – that’s great to know!

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