Top 10 Recommended Dress Shoes for Men with Wide Feet


Why do men with small feet get all the finest designs you can find in a shoe?, ever been in a situation where you basically have all shoes selected already online and even in a store to only find out at the end the shoes is for a lower feet size?, how about this, do you have to remove your shoes several times during the day to avoid the tissues from compressing and deforming the feet?.

So what do you get from this post?. Yet another question. No worries I have it all covered, Prior to listing the top 10 recommended dress shoes for men with wide foot, why not let us get accustomed to what the types of shoes are, types of shoes to get if you have a wide feet and warnings-things to avoid.

Dress Shoe Types for Men

Without wasting much time here are brief details on the several types of dress shoes for men which are mostly classified into:

Oxfords (also referred as “Balmorals”), Close lacing type of shoe with or without eyelets. Read more


Derby shoe: Open lacing shoe with eyelets

identify derby shoes

Blucher shoe: Open lacing shoe without eyelets but rather small size eye holes punched as seen in the image below

Blucher shor recognized by the upper which is made of one cut, and no eyelets attached

Monk-straps, which are Designed with a buckle and strap instead of lacing

monk strap-shoes for men with wide feet

Slip-ons: There are no lacing or fastenings, easy to wear and pull

slip on shoes- types of dress shoe for men

Dress shoes can be decorated in the following ways:

  • Plain-toes: Plain-toes shoes for menhave a sleek appearance and no extra decorations on the vamp.
  • Cap-toes: Cap toes shoeshas an extra layer of leather that “caps” the toe.
  • Brogues:Brogues

    The toe of the shoe is covered with a perforated panel, the wing-tip

    which extends down either side of the shoe. Brogues can be found in both balmoral and Blucher styles, but are considered slightly less formal.

  • Suede: George-Boot Carson (Grenson).jpgmade from the underside of the animal skin, which is softer and more pliable Rainer Ersfeld – Firma/Company Freyersfeld.

What type of shoes do you want to get?

  • Shoes that have enough space for toes movement rather than restrict it
  • Flexible shoes with light durable materials

The right size! right size!

  • Shoes that can expand to allow easiness in wearing them
  • Good quality shoes

Warnings and things to Avoid

  • Avoid shoes with flat outsoles as the weight of the body rest on the shoes and if the outsole is flat the feet gets direct hits to the earth which does not bounce back and would inevitably cause pain if the shoe is a tight one
  • Buy your shoes at the right time: Morning/ Afternoon/evening
  • Look for shoes with light materials, preferably shoes made with synthetic leather which are flexible and soft
  • Avoid completely narrow Front cap shoes as they tend to squeeze the foot.
  • For more guide check out top shoe guides for men

Now what are the top recommended dress shoes for men with wide feet?

Top 10 Recommended Dress Shoes for Men with Wide Feet

1. Dockers Men’s Gordon Leather Dress Captoe Shoe


The dockers men’s shoe is characterized with Flexible construction for all day wear for men with wide feet and also accepted by the American Pediatric Medical Association for quality and effectiveness in allowing for normal foot function and promoting good foot health.

Best for: Formal, business or corporate events

Colors: Available in Black, Brown, Dark tumbled and Tan Burnished

Price: $34.99 – $85.80

2. GOLAIMAN Men’s Suede Dress Shoes Casual Lace up Shoes

Overview and why it is recommended

For most men with wide foot, priority is always placed on breathability and the flexibility of the shoe material, If you are wearing for a Business/ Casual purpose then this shoe should serve your need. Because it is stylish and comfort it can be worn with your dress pant while you take care and put priority on your feet health.

Best for: Casual, Office and Corporate wear

Colors: Available in Dark Brown, Grey, Kaye brown, Black, Brown and Navy

Price: $19.99 – $36.99

3. La Milano Mens Double Monk Strap Slip on Business Casual Comfortable Dress Shoes for Men


As I really recommend cap toe shoes for men with wide foot, this La Milano Business Casual Comfortable Dress shoe has no exception, if the right size of this shoe is obtained, you should expect a comfortable wear with nice support for the ball of the foot with the vamp wider than the toe cap which grips the head of the toe.

Best for: any dress, formal, party occasion.

Colors: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Cognac

Price: $60.99

4. GM GOLAIMAN Men’s Leather Dress Shoe, Formal Lace Up Modern Shoes


The GM GOLAIMAN dress shoe is a brogue designed(with decorative perforations) shoe with, this shoe is recommended because it is lightweight, made of smooth leather and also synthetic leather which is light and can expand to accommodate the ball of the foot.

Best for: casual or business occasions

Colors: Several shades of brown and black

Price: $29.99 – $39.99

5. OUOUVALLEY Mens Patent Leather Tuxedo Dress Shoe


Made of Patent leather which a fine grain leather that is treated to give it a glossy appearance making it very comfortable, not stiff nice grip but not tight and suffocating, soft feel when walking, quiet, stylish and elegant.

Best for: Business, dinner, wedding and other corporate events.

Colors: Black and Brown

Price: $19.99 – $32.99

6. Bruno Marc Men’s William Classic Oxfords Dress Shoes


For men with wide foot, nothing is more preferable, better and recommended than a comfortable slip on shoe, this Bruno Marc men’s shoe, made of synthetic leather Classic brogue wing tip, lace up and soft round-toe design with ornamental perforated patterns is an awesome choice. Due to the soft round toe design, it makes the shoe flexible and comfortable for men with wide feet.

Best for: Business and casual

Colors: Black, Camel a and Brown

Price: $27.99 – $32.99

7. NXT NEW YORK Mens Slip On Buckle Loafer Moc Toe Oxford Shoe


How about going for a classic moc toe loafer which features durable cow leather. It is designed with a generous toe box and in step for better fit and added comfort for men with wide feet. The double gore design makes the shoes easy to wear. The strap and ornament adds to the shoe a sophisticated European look.

Best for: Business or casual activities

Colors: Black

Price: $39.99 – $56.99

8. Stacy Adams Men’s Gala Cap-Toe Tuxedo Lace-Up Oxford Shoe


Here’s another patent gloss finish shoe, with close fittings and toe cap. The Stacy Adams shoe is recommended due to the grip it has, lightweight construction and the extended durability it has for easiness in movement and bending for formal functions and meetings.

Best for: Formal functions, wedding or meetings

Colors: Black, White, Red, Grey, Navy

Price: $43.37 – $75.00

9. Cestfini Mens Loafer Dress Shoes


As it is true that a gentleman’s shoes instantly reveal his status, this shoe is recommended for men’s with wide feet as it is made with genuine leather, soft and flexible, which grips the foot, not too tight and not too loose

Best for: Casual, Business, wedding occasion, party and so on

Color: Available colors are Black and Brown

Price: $45.88 – $54.88

Faranzi Mens Single Monk Strap Slip On Shoe


Designed with a tapered toe box and a quality buckle. This modern shoe not only removes the hassle of tying the shoe lace and has an arch back that grips the feet and allows for a perfect fit.

Best for: Business, Formal, Casual, Dinner and Party.

Color: Black

Price: $42.99

There you have it

After hours of research, customer reviews and personal experience, being a guy with a wide foot, there you have it The Top 10 Recommended Dress Shoes for Men with Wide Feet, with suggestions and guides in between.

If you have any question, or you want to share your experience with the topic kindly share with us in the comment session.

And if you can, which of the shoes would you go for and why?

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  1. Hello,

    I really appreciate your great and awesome tips on men’s footwear, the post was highly relevant and helpful to me. Over the year I have seen myself as a great lover of slip-ons and suede Oxford boots and I just lover them cause of it versatility with different outfits. But you have just given me some nice review on other nice collections and I will definitely try them out ASAP.


  2. Hello Abdulramon, I can relate well to this. Although I am a female, but I happen to have higher feet size. It can be frustrating you know, you will see nice and beautiful shoes or stilletoes only for it to be for lower  feetsize.  I believe the recommendation you gave in your article ca be applied to female shoes as well. I have noticed that when I buy shoes with light materials, it tends to be durable. Thanks for your tips, at least this will also help me in selecting shoes for my husband who happens to have larger feet size as well.

    1. Thanks for your comment Gracen, glad you enjoyed the post.

      Please share with your friends to help other make their choice.

  3. I really like the Blucher style. I think it will go well with my current style. Can you recommend a few good brands which produce shoes with Blucher style?

  4. Hi,
    I wanted to first thank you for creating this post! I am a guy with wide feet and it can be very difficult to find the right dress shoe. I have to wear dress shoes every day unfortunately, this post has really helped me find the right ones for me. I went with Dockers Men’s Gordon Leather Dress Captoe Shoe, they are comfy and stylish. Perfect for business casual wear. Thanks again!

  5. Hello Abdulramon,
    These are really great collection of shoes. I really love the Faranzi Mens Single Monk Strap Slip On Shoe, it’s easy to wear and back ache free. I will recommend this for my husband to buy.

  6. Hey love those shoes for men, will be great for my partner, i am a woman with big feet and have a similar problem. Fancy shoes do exist but I have to snap them up in competition with other big feet women. So this is why I love your post on shoes for men with wide feet. In addition they are good looking fashionable shoes at the right price. So thank you for this post

  7. Dear Rahye
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people how to choose dream-like footwear. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

    1. Thanks for the comment Andrey, the shoes are not just dreamlike they really are affordable and of high quality. The best thing about getting a shoe is being able to calcualte value and comfort gained then comparing it with the cost of the shoes.

      Of course everyone wants a value for their earned cash.

      Glad you like the post, please join our email list to receive the best of offers, tips and guides.

  8. Very interesting topic you have plunged into with this post and I’m actually one of the people with wide feet. Seriously, it can be very annoying when you buy a shoe and only for you to notice that your feet are being compressed because it is wide and not made for the shoe. I’ve actually quit wearing dress shoes and favor the sneakers more to which I have mirrored my dressings to. But getting to read through this post, it made me want to try it all over again and I personally like the slip-ons.

  9. Lack of options made me stick to dockers for a long time; reading your writeup makes me see now that it’s lack of info, not options. Ououvalley doesn’t look bad at all, considering the price. Thanks for putting this together for the wide feet guys, your writeup was awesome and straight to point.


  10. Another great post from you. My husband was looking for a nice black looking shoe, not too sharp at the ends, but medium-sized length at the ends.

    I like the Cestfini Men’s Loader Dres Shoe, it looks perfect! It has a nice toe at the end and he can wear it as casual wear as well which is great. 

    I like him having a shoe that is a one time buy, meaning it’s genuine and can wear it to any occasion.

    Thank you so much, I love your fashion for men website. I’ll always come back to your website when I need to pick out something for my husband.

    All the best.

  11. I’m not a big fan of the Monk-strap style. I prefer the Balmoral or Blucher look. Actually I can’t believe I’m using these terms – until I read this post I didn’t know the names of these different styles. This information will be helpful next time I’m out looking for new dress shoes. It’s good to know what you’re looking for.

    Under the heading “The right size” you indicate looking for a “good quality shoe.” What should I look for to know I’m getting a good quality shoe?

  12. Loving this list Abdulramon,

    I was one of those old schoolers who’s got no love for slip-ons but I got one as a gift so I decided to try it on anyway and I absolutely love it! Sure it doesn’t have the laces but it’s easy to slip in and go for meetings too because some companies have this no shoes rule so we have to respect that. What type of shoe would you say is your favourite?

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